Stainless steel insulating liquid tank semi-trailer - CIMC RJST Liquid truck



The GB7258 and JT/T1178 standards have significantly improved the technical requirements for dangerous goods vehicles. In ord er to reduce accidents and losses, and strengthen the safe operation of dangerous goods vehicles, many advanced domestic and world cla ss technical and functional requirements have been added.

  • Emergency cutting device (January 1st, 2019)
  • Disc brake (January 1st, 2019)
  • Air suspension (January 1, 2020)
  • Electric control system (January 2021)
  • Electronic Stability Control System (January 2021)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (January 2021)
  • Puncture emergency safety device (January 2021)
  • Automatic Emergency Brake System (AEBS)

Vehicle advantages

  • There are many kinds of liquid tank products with complete announcements.
  • Strong technical research and development strength, leading technical standards;
  • Advanced technology and intelligent manufacturing;
  • Perfect quality assurance system;
  • Introducing European technology;
  • The weight of the vehicle is light.
  • The rear of vehicle has a large anti-collision distance.


3D design and CAE stress analysis

The three-dimensional design ensures that the mutual cooperation between the components is more reasonable and effectively improves the overall vehicle performance of the vehicle;

CAE stress analysis can identify the strength of components in advance, and effectively optimize the structure in advance;

It can ensure the most reasonable material and the best self weight.

Stamping wave board

  • High molding precision;
  • The wall thickness is reduced by a small amount of robot cutting;
  • The cut is smooth and burr free.

Bracket carrying structure

With saddle-bearing structure, the tank is more evenly stressed and has no stress concentration.

Lightweight structure

  • Aluminum alloy accessories
  • Aluminum alloy beam
  • Composite leaf spring

Security configuration

  • Air suspension
  • Disc brakes
  • 5 km subsea valve automatic shut off system and air circuit interlock function
  • The top three ABS systems in the industry
  • Military level anti collision coating
  • The rear of the tank is much higher than the standard buffer distance

Bold pipe hanger U bolt

  • Our pipe hanger U bolts are thicker than other manufacturers;
  • The U bolt is in a flattening process at the contact point of the pipe to ensure a larger contact surface with the pipe;
  • Therefore, the pipe fixing place is provided with a cushioning and anti wear rubber pad;
  • The pipe bracket is stronger.

Flange Face Locking Fasteners

  • The flange face is locked and firmer;
  • The side of the nut is pressed at a point, the thread is slightly deformed, and the locking anti loose effect is more reliable;
  • anti rust technology, anti rust effect is better than ordinary galvanized bolt anti rust effect;
  • Our strict salt spray test approval ensures that each fastener meets the requirements.

All gaskets are equipped with limit holes

  • The gasket is specially customized, and the valve is often equipped with a gasket that does not have a bolt limit hole;
  • Each gasket has a limit hole to ensure that the gasket can be accurately positioned to the position where it should be installed;
  • The bottom valve member vibrates during transportation. Torsion is common. The gasket is squeezed out without a limit, causing the media to leak.

Subsea valve stud fastening

  • Studs and hexagon head bolts have no stress concentration and better tensile strength
  • The studs are pre installed with studs and refilled to ensure that the stud threads can be screwed into the internal threads of the flange. The assembly of the hex bolts will not be assembled and the bolts will be assembled. Depth, which in turn causes valve leakage
  • Profile bracing.

U-bolt type anti loose iron

The U-bolt fits tightly with the upper stable iron groove, so as long as one of the bolts is not loose, the anti loose effect is ensured and the stability is high.

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