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Headquartered in Los Angels, MAX is engaging in providing a one-stop solutions to the industries of apparel/backpack/luggage/footwear/sports related with labels, hang tags, pullers, hardware and other trimmings.

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Custom Embossed Brand Name Plastic String Seal

Garment string seal used for hanging garment tags, it is very small, but still the significant carrier of brand info. So you need a better garment seal tags, to convey your message.

Custom Engraved Brand Name Logo Printed Metal String Seal

String seal is an indispensable component of clothing accessories and have a brand effect.It is mainly composed of rope, fork, plastic body, logo, hot color and other parts.

Embossed Jeans Ribbon Tags Plastic Seal Tags

Max provide string seal based on eco-friendly material,comply with the SGS test requirement.Customized shape and size acceptable,free artwork design.Competitive price with reliable quality and considerate service.

Fashion Plastic Side Release Adjustable Buckle for Backpack

We are a factory-direct wholesaler and manufacturer of high quality, heavy-duty plastic strap buckles, snap buckles, press buckles, center release and side release buckles, and hardware supplies at low wholesale prices.

Wholesale Different Size Metal D Ring Buckle for Handbag

D-shaped ring, named after its shape like the letter "D". It is very versatile. Often used on the strap to fix the water pipe, or hang some small objects

Hot sale Custom Climbing Swivel Manufacturers Oval Screw Aluminum Buckle

The carabiner is made of aluminum alloy, iron, or stainless steel. It has a variety of shapes, such as a circular carabiner, a racetrack, an egg, a square, and a triangle.

wholesale plastic and metal belt buckle for bag straps

The Tri-buckle is a commonly used fastener. It is mostly used for luggage, mummy straps, child car seats, baby strollers and other webbing belts. It can adjust and fix the webbing length, and it is convenient to use.

Custom Design Round Drawcord with Metal or Plastic Ends

Drwacord on the clothing can be customized in a variety of styles, so that an inconspicuous sweater can instantly become very characteristic and fashionable.

High Quantity Manual Custom Drawcord with Silicone Dipped

Drwacord on the clothing can be customized in a variety of styles, so that an inconspicuous sweater can instantly become very characteristic and fashionable.

Wholesale Custom Flat and Round Coloured Transparent plastic Tips

This fabric is a elegant, first class quality polyster fabric, graceful color

Custom High Quality Double Face Polyester Satin Ribbon

Available in a wide variety of color,size and materials,these items are perfect for crafting,floral design,home decor,gift packing and a number of other applications.

Custom Printed Woven Nylon Jacquard Ribbon with Logo

We have double faced and single faced satin ribbon. We have sticky ribbon as well for example cotton grosgrain ribbon and other fabrics.Endless uses; hanger ribbon, belly bands, neck trimming, lining, gift wrapping, etc.

Polyester Round Braided Bungee Colored Elastic Cord

Here at Homer we supply a huge variety of wholesale elastic cord for product packaging,baskets, folders, hang tag string, gift boxes, POP displays, menus, jewelry, hats, masks, trade show swag, advertising and retail displays.

Wholesale Polyester Button Hole Tape Elastic Band for Garment

Used in in used intimate apparel,underwear, men and women's' slacks,safety goggles, masks, fall-arrest harnesses and occupational safety.and is Oeko-Tex® Compliant.

Custom Design Garment Plastic Zipper Puller for Garment

Zipper pullers (also known as zipper sliders, zipper pull tabs, or zipper heads) , they are virtually presented in any type. It is a closely related part with your zippers.

Professional Long Two Ends Plastic Zipper Puller for Garment

Plastic zipper pullers with two heads are fashion design which are widely used in garments, backpack.etc. They can be presented in the materials of plastic, pvc, rubber, tpu, silicone.etc. based on clients' requests.

High Quality Waterproof Zipper Puller Webbing Tape

Polyester Webbing Tape is a fashionable puller which is available to print your specific logo on the tape in any form, any color. The shape, length, and color can be customized based on different design purposes. The tape can also be made of the material of TPU, rubber, woven, cotton.etc.

Adjustable Customized Hook And Loop Velcro Cuff Tab

Hook and Loop Velcro Cuff Tab are made of a self-attaching hook and loop material popularized by products, reusable and durable. They can be for front and back dual use.

Pvc Rubber Hook And Loop Fastener Tape sleeve Tab For Jacket Cuff

This hook and loop plastic cuff tab is widely used for cuff to adjust the sleeve opening position. They can be made of pvc, pu.etc.

Silver Press Stud Metal Snap Button

Homer carries brass snap button fasteners in multiple cap sizes, styles, and finishes. We sell snap button with 10mm cap, 12.7mm cap, 15mm cap and all customized sizes. Homer offers standard snap buttons in both the s-spring socket and ring socket styles. We also sell hidden cap snap buttons.

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