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We focus on commercial display props’ developing and mass production.Committed to provide integrated and unique visual props for window,shopping mall etc. More information,please consult us.

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fiberglass white polar bear for luxury brands retail store window display

Custom fiberglass white polar bear for luxury brands retail store window display ,focus on window display customing

Hanging hot air balloons window display props

Custom fiberglass hot air balloons for store window decoration,party,events .

Hot air balloon shop window display props

Popular hot air balloon designs with various of customized shapes and finishes. Hanging on top of store window and standing at shop window for visual decoration.Grap customer's attention easily .

Hot sell balloon of window display decoration the party

Main of store window display , shopping mall center decorations, acrylic hardware display props, fiberglass custom, Cartoon dolls sculpture ,etc. We offer customized service to our client, according to their design drawings, effect requirement, or sample

Top selling paper leaves craft projects for brand store

Engraving paper leaves decorative visual props for retail stores, the big size and bright colors are a surprise .

Custom macarons golden candy resin Christmas ball artificial

Macarons can be made from fiberglass or foam sculptures.Used for party decoration, shopping mall theme decoration, window display and children's holiday decoration.

Hot sell fiberglass blue balloons for female retail store window display

fiberglass round blue balloons for female retail store window display ,for hanging and standing display style

female retail window display design acrylic leaves popular visual props

acrylic leafs for female retail window display design of popular visual props, metal rack for support

Clear resin ice cube window display props ice cube lamp

The clear resin ice cube not only can be visual display props for shop but also can be stool,ice wall for bar,shopping mall decorative lights.

Fashion metal bird cage window display props metal crafts

Metal birdcage with gold paint finish for top shop window display,it is so shinny .

custom christmas balloon props with Christmas decoration

Fibreglass balloon props are suitable for decoration in shopping malls, window props display, shop decoration, wedding decoration and festival decoration.

custom decorative fiberglass surfboard manufacturers

Surfboard simulation props are used for shop window decoration decoration, surfboard shop effect decoration, can be added logo as a reward to employees.

Window display FRP seashell props

Fiberglass or foam Seashell display props to decorative the summer window ,jewelry shop window,shopping mall,show the summer landscape to everyone.

Hot selling hot air balloon hanging striped balloon fiberglass decorative ball

Fibreglass hanging hot air balloon, durable and easy to install, suitable for display window props, shopping mall atrium hanging decoration, wedding scene layout, photo theme layout, baby party, etc.

Hanging fiberglass balloons for retail store window display

Combined fiberglass red and pink balloons for retail store holiday window display , hanging and standing display style.

top selling fiberglass sexcy lip window display props

Fashion artificial sexcy lips props made in fiberglass with glossy paint finish, normally use to decorative retail store window, hotel hallway ,background wall of bar.

Ice cream prop of window display decoration lovely style

Ice cream props are ideal for summer Windows, mall events and party themed decorations.Beautiful color gives a person lovely and sweet style, it is the style that children and girls love most.

Fiberglass egg decorative props custom easter crafts

Fiberglass egg decorative props can be custom in different design as requirements,it can be simple paint finish ,or complicate colorful drawing .

Fashion red Christmas decoration for shopping mall center

Red Christmas combination props : the Christmas tree,santa claus, snowman,gift boxs,various of elements to decorative the shopping mall. Presents a strong festive atmosphere. 

Shiny hanging cloud decoration for shopping mall

The giant hanging cloud made in stainless steel base and decorative with PVC pipe and LED lights,the shopping mall center looks sparkling

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