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Xiamen GLAMAN environmental protection technology Co., Ltd is professional in producing biodegradable disposable food containers, covering paper cups, paper lids, paper bowls, and paper trays, etc.we owns six patents of invention and eight patents of utility innovation in professional food packaging solutions of paper cup and paper lid production, and we have our own designers.The production workshop is built up by the highest standard in accordance with the BRC certification system to secure a good production environment, facilitate with advanced production lines and complete management system. Our innovative professional design and capable marketing team contribute to the production capacity of 3000000 pieces coffee cups monthly. We take the advantage of the rich industry experiences, R&D and marketing segment to develop the unique paper lid to replace the plastics for environmentally friendly. It takes us a long time of processing with the experimental practices, and it involves a large funds. We own the invention patents. To serve our strategic planning, we have our products development term for patents layout, mechanical equipment researching, and market developing. We hope to provide the best products and services to our customers around the world.

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8oz paper lid for paper cup

8oz paper coffee cup lid we produce is food grade and biodegradable. These lids are creative with our patent design and always for sale with a wholesale price.

Paper lid for coffee cup

These high quality and stylish paper coffee cup lids are made of bagasse paper with PLA coated material,which is food grade and compostable, generally sold to various merchants at wholesale price, it is inexpensive.

Insulated paper cup with lid and straw

16oz paper cup with 90mm paper lid and straw for beverage ,coffee or tea to take away. It is renewable and sustainable ,also compostable and biodegradable.

Paper coffee cup with lid

Disposable paper coffee cup with lid has universal size, 8oz 12oz and 16oz. These paper coffee cups with lids are heat resistant and insulated due to its ecofriendly material.

Disposable paper lids for cups

There are 80mm and 90mm paper lids for paper cups,80mm for 280ml paper cup, 90mm for 320ml /420ml paper cup. 100% compostable for our paper lids and paper cups. It features high quality, leakproof, durable, biodegradable and food grade.

Reusable white paper coffee cup lids

Wholesale disposable paper lids can be designed for different uses,such as coffee cup lids and vented paper lids for food for your restaurant or business. These white paper lids are reusable, durable , insulated and lightweight, can be stacked.

Microwavable paper mugs with lids for sale

These insulated disposable coffee paper mugs with lids are made from sugarcane bagasse with PLA coated, they can be disintegrates completely in one composting cycle, which has no negative effect on the composting process itself. They can be heated in microwave with non toxie ,no odor and recycled after used

Custom disposable paper bowls with lids

Wholesale disposable paper bowls or choose to bulk paper lids for bowls separately for added convenience. We take the advantage of of rich industry experiences,easily cleanup your meals with disposable paper bowls for wholesale prices from us. These paper bowls with lids are great for any takeaway food,such as soup , salad and ice cream. We have large and small size for your choice. All of them can be heated in microwave. Custom design accepted.

Ecofriendly paper lids for cups manufacturer

8Oz paper lids and 90mm paper lids are universal for cups.It features high quality, ecofriendly,compostable,biodegradable,recyclable and disposable. Custom design available.

Durable paper lids for cups manufacturer

These disposabe paper lids are used for coffee cups,soup cups and hot beverage cups to keep hot drinks warm for a long time and prevent hot drinks from spilling out on your clothes. We only supply the best durable paper lids that is 100% compostable and biodegradable. These lids are also oilproof and waterproof, can be stackable to save a lot of space.

Custom logo printing disposable coffee cup lid

Disposable paper cup lid for coffee are durable and hot selling with reasonable price. These lids are made of ecofriendly paperboard with PLA coated , which is biodegradable and compostable, There are 80mm and 90mm universal paper lids for paper cups,custom logo printing accepted.

Stacking paper lid for cup

This lid is for use with paper cups. It is stacking ,durable and non toxie. There are small and large,white and natural color paper lid for your choice.

Nice match paper soup cup with paper lids

paper cup match with paper lid looks nice and not easy to spill , it is usually used for soup ,ice cream, beverage or coffee take away.The lid can be designed to be a vented lid,straws lid or lid with drinking hole.

Biodegradable ecofriendly paper lids for paper cups

Biodegradable and compostable disposable 80mm and 90mm paper lids are used for 8oz 12oz 16oz and 22oz paper cups, it is nice match ,tight sealing and leakproof.

Vented paper lids for paper cups

Keep your soup hot and your ice cream cold with our all-natural vented paper lids. Vented to release excess heat and moisture. It features durable, moisture proof, heat resistant, waterproof, food grade ,biodegradable and compostable, it is extremly suitable for ice cream/soup cups.

90mm White bagasse paper lid

These 90mm ecofriendly bagasse paper lids fit onto all of our 90mm disposable paper cups in our factory. These are environmental protection's solution for foodservice packaging's ecofriendly alternative to plastic. They are made of nontoxic sugarcane bagasse with PLA coated, which are biodegradable and compostable.

Glaman paper cup lid made in China

Unlike traditional plastic cup lid, Glaman renewable&compostable paper cup lid is made with double PLA coated, a plant-based material. The eco friendly paper lid is specially designed to package hot beverages and prevent leaking. These lids have passed FDA certified. Heat tolerance up to 200° F.

White hot paper cup lids in bulk

These classic white hot paper cup lids are designs to fit our 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 22 oz hot cups. These disposable coffee cup lids are leakproof and durable ,perfect to slowly sip hot drink while protecting yourself.

80mm 90mm biodegradable paper lids for cups

Glaman paper lids are made of bagasse paper with PLA coated, which is compostable and biodegradable ,also high quality and duarable for takeout packing.

115mm ecofriendly paper lid to suit paper bowl

The 115mm biodegradable disposable paper lids are suitable for eco friendly 12-32 oz paper bowl ,which are made from 100% renewable and sustainable sugarcane bagasse paper with PLA coated.

80mm 90mm bagasse coffee cup lids manufacturer

Glaman Company is professional in manufacturing biodegradable compostable bagasse paper coffee cup lids that is also water&grease resistant.There are sizes of 80mm and 90mm,colors of white or natural for you to choose from. Also custom design available.

Sugarcane bagasse natural unbleached paper coffee cup lids

Natural unbleached paper coffee cup lids are made of sustainable, renewable, compostable and biodegradable resource that is becoming readily available. Sugarcane bagasse paper coffee cup lids can also be recycled within the paper and cardboard recycling facility provided they are not largely contaminated with food residue

Biodegradable logo printed paper ice cream cup lids

Glaman disposable paper ice cream cup lids are biodegradable with ecofriendly materials and high quality customized design.

Custom ice cream paper lids at best price

Round ice cream cup lids are made of double PLA coated paperboard. Our quality flat ice cream container paper lids are best selling in the market,can handle a wide range of cold to hot-fill application temperatures from freezing up to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, suitable for various paper cups. Serve anything from popcorn and chips to ice cream and more in these pretty paper cup lids. Custom logo printed available.

China supplier ecofriendly paper ice cream cup lid

Our company is professional in manufacturing food grade,top grade and durable disposable ice cream paper cup lid with factory price.These lids are ecofriendly and compostable.

Glaman hot sale ice cream paper cup lids

Disposable ice cream paper cup lids feature stylish patterns'design,waterproof and leakproof due to its double PLA coated paperboard, have passed FDA certified.

OEM wholesale lovely ice cream paper cup lids

Our creative paper lids for paper cups and bowls is used for ice cream and frozen yogurt to take away.OEM service available.

Compostable ice cream paper cups with lids bulk

Our ice cream paper cupswith lids have different function,can be used for ice cream,yogurt and anyother dessert or food packaging.It features high quality,renewable and sustainable.Large or small size according to your requirements.

China biodegradable bagasse paper cups with lids supplier

Glaman company is professional manufacturer and supplier of biodegradable and compostable bagasse paper cups with lids. Various sizes such as 8oz 12oz 16oz 20oz and 22oz paper cups with lids we offered.

Paper cups with lids for coffee beverage soup

There are single wall,double wall and hollow wall bagasse paper cups with lids that are compostable and biodegradable with colorful flexo printing in our factory. Custom order according to customers' requirements.

Big sizes paper cups with lids for drinking

These large paper cups with lids are hot sale for its excellent quality.It is great for both hot drink and cold drink. Single wall ,double wall and hollow wall bagasse paper cups with 80mm or 90mm bagasse paper lids for customers' choice.

Paper lids for hot coffee tea beverage cups

Glaman Brand paper lids that have FDA approved are greatly fit for any hot or cold beverage ,tea and coffee paper cups. These lids have an excellent quality and affordable price for your wonderful business. OEM service offered.

Dixie hot cup lids for 12oz paper cups

These 12oz paper cup lids are easy to drink from while on the go, you can easily sip any drink through hole,it can fit 12oz and 16oz paper hot cups.

115mm Biodegradable paper cup lids for soup cups

These 115mm paper cup lids with PLA lined are compostable and biodegradable, fit for large paper cups to hold hot soup,it features leak resistant and water resistant,oilproof and durable.

90mm White compostable disposable bagsse paper lid

These 90mm biodegradable and compostable paper lids are great for 12oz - 24oz paper cups without any leakage. It is durable enough to holdhot coffee ,hot soup,hot beverages and so on.Custom design acceptable.

Customized color paper cup lid for ice cream cup

Glaman sealable paper cup lids for ice cream paper cups are biodegradable and compostable,there are white and natural color for paper lids ,customized color is also acceptable.

Paper coffee cups and lids with PLA coated factory

These biodegradable and compostable disposable paper cups and lids are fully composted in approximately 50-90 days in properly maintained compost facilities.White or natural color or custom design available.

Custom compostable bagasse paper lids for cups supplier

These creative and high grade paper lids are used for coffee cups,soup cups and beverage cups to keep hot drinks warm for a long time and cold drink stay constant temperature,also can prevent drinks from spilling out on your clothes. We only supply the best durable paper lids that is 100% compostable and biodegradable. These lids are also oilproof and waterproof, can be stackable to save a lot of space.

Compostable bagsse paper lids for cups wholesale

Glaman new style food grade paper cup lids with unique design are biodegradable and ecofriendly. It is heat resistant when take away on the go.  Custom order available with reasonable factory price.

Custom paper cup with sealable paper lid cover

Glaman compostable disposable paper cup with lid features high quality,leakproof,durable and fashionable. It has passed FDA certified. Custom order accepatable.

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