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Xiamen Sky Stone Co., Ltd. supply stone paver, black granite, bluestone, basalt paver. We could supply granite and basalt from mining, processing, exporting one-stop service, and ensure the competitiveness.

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Melbourne Grit 400 Bluestone Outdoor Tiles

Bluestone outdoor tiles it is very popular in Melbourne, used for garden yard tiles, road paver, floor pave, dark gray colour with honeycomb, the beauty of natural.

Honeycomb Square 20mm Bluestone Pavers

Cheap bluestone pavers factory , with CAD designer,we could help you make a prefect project.

Bluestone Round Stepper For Landscapes

Round Stepping with natural rustic edges use for outdoor landscaping,garden,some pcs have honey clobholes.

G603 Sesame Sliver Steps

G603 from Hubei province,supply in big quantity and shortly lead times,quarry owner,best choice use for airport,railway station and outdoor paving,wall clading.

Granite Swan Black Pavers For Driveway

Swan black pavers for driveway, with 5cm thickness, dark colour and high level, good for hotel and garden paving.

Bush-hammered Bluestone Cobble Paving For Sale

Bush-hammered Rough Surface Finishing Paving,size is 94x94x60mm

Stone Tactile Paving For Blind

Stone tactile paving with corduroy hazard warning surface, black granite color, use for outdoor pavers.

G603 White Granite Tiles Countertop

G603 White Granite Tiles , used for counter tops, kitchen , white granite stairs, white wall pave.

Natural Hexagonal Stones For Bluestone Paving

Grit Surface Bluestone Hexagon Paver 240mm side length

Cat Paws Bluestone Swimming Pool Bullnose Coping

Bulestone pool coping is a good idear for house or public swiming pool repair and build,surface with cat paws looks natural.

Granite Warning Strip Tactile Corduroy Paving

Granite Warning Strip Tactile Corduroy Paving , used for guidance paving and blind crosswalk paving.

Sandbalsted Bluestone Black Basalt Paving 288x288mm

Sandblasted Rough Surface Finishing Paving,size is 288x288x60mm

Nero Santiago China Viscount White Granite Slabs

China Viscount White,this is a new quarry,supply in big quantity and shortly lead times,sale small slabs,Gangsaw slabs,countertop stone,wall cladding,paving stones and so on,cheaper more than Hubei and Fujian quarry.

Bush hammered New G684 Black Basalt Ken Black Paver

New G684,as a new black stone, because the quality is good, and the price is low, received a lot of new and old customers like.

Shanshui White Landscaping Granite Stone Tiles

China Shanshui Stone,the color near grey white,and the veins are dark grey or black,popular use for Paving,wallcladding,swimming pool design and so on,In China,have different types of Shanshui stone,this one from Fujian,with mature processing technology, it is very suitable for processing complex project tiles.

Road Garden Granite Kerb Stone

Road Garden Edging Granite Kerb Stone,China cheapest granite, full capacity, 20 containers one month.

Dark Pacific Grey Granite Water proof floors

Color near dark grey with black spots,surface flamed finishing and water proof handle.

Border Granite Curb Stones

Border Granite Curb Stones,China cheapest gray granite, full capacity, 20 containers one month.

Border Stone Edging Radius Kerbs

Border Stone Radius Kerbs, could be use as the edge of the road or garden, and for road safety barriers.

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