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Xinlongten mainly supply a variety of Sterling Silver Necklaces,Engagement Rings,Earrings,Vintage Jewelry Sets etc. Fashion design and wholesale services at

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Luxurious Vintage Design Red Garnet Rose Gold Pendants

Crafted to reflect sophisticated elegance, this timeless drop pendant showcases a vibrant oval shaped garnet framed by a delicate halo of pavé-set diamonds set in 9k white gold.

Oval Garnet Pendants with Double Sunburst Diamond Halo in 9k Gold

Show off a classic with this garnet gemstone necklace, framed in sterling silver and finished off with elegant rope detailing.

Elegant Woman Red Garnet Rose Gold Charm Pendants

Exquisite red garnet ring in rose gold for extra luxury. Beautiful to wear and make people shine.

Blue Zircon Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

This sweet and delicate heart pendant features a brilliant sapphire surrounded by diamond pavé in 18k white gold. The perfect gift for that someone special or a lovely treat for one's self.

Guitar Modeling Design Necklace Freshwater Pearl Pendant

Organic droplets, each with a single Freshwater pearl, shimmer with light. This gorgeous collection is the perfect choice for any occasion.

New Exquisite Design One Pearl Necklace With Zircon Paved

Rice beads hang under a bowknot. They are exquisite and delicate designs.

Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace With Zircon Halo

Exemplify refined elegance with this freshwater cultured pearl pendant, showcasing a detailed milgrain halo of white topaz gemstones and a sterling silver frame.

Garland Butterfly Design Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Five pearls of different sizes are mosaic and scattered in each other. They are integrated into the garland design. The whole pendant is full of natural flavor.

925 Sterling Silver Diamond Halo Blue Opal Necklace

The flash of opal sits proudly within our modern minimalist geometry with the Simple Opal Necklace. Paired with the Simple Opal Ring or Opal Hoops, your look is simply perfect.

925 Silver Necklace With Dancing Stone

Geometrical idea is the classical design concepts in Jewelry, we combine it with the danicng stone this time. A new charm necklace appears. Would you like to have a try?

Round Dangle Silver Necklace With Gold Plating

Sunshine is full of energy, this beautiful sun shape dancing stone necklace is worthy adding into the outfits.

Round Sterling Silver Necklace For Women

Small and exquisite 925 Sterling silver necklace with Morganite Nano technology is easy to match with the beautiful Spring & Summer clothes.

Gold Chain Round Necklace For Women

A sunbeam slants through the west window, the girl who wears gold necklace are dancing with the central shimmering&shaking stone. Such a beautiful girl. Would you like to embrace the dancing stone necklace too?

Planet Design Series Blue Opal Stone Necklace

It's feminine color tone in blue hues are super versatile making it a perfect match for daytime outfits or adding a bit of flair for evening glam.

Gold Necklace With Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Do you still confuse what present for your girlfriend in Summer? Look at here, a brand new necklace is suitable in Spring and Summer daily life. It's extremely unique in the pendant center, which maximizes the brightness of diamond.

Silver Chain Necklace With Purple Swarovski Crystal

Big & small swarovski zircon in the center, purple zircon on the band of hexagonal structure. What necklace do you plan for the new season?

Zircon Necklace Silver Necklace Pendant

Hidetaka Dobashi invented a new jewelry setting in which the slightest movement of the wearer is converted into energy that makes the diamond swing incessantly, to the extent that "it never stops glittering on your neckline."

Gold Plated Olive Design​ Opal Stone Necklace

A rainbow of iridescent hues radiate from the luminous opal. The traditional birthstone for October, celebrate a birthday or other special occasion with this unique gemstone.

Teardrop Series Blue Opal Pendant With Zircon Halo

The fiery centerpiece of this elegant necklace is a round lab-created opal encircled with lab-created white zircon.

Four Leaf Clover ​Series Blue Opal Pendant With Zircon Halo

Immerse yourself in inner peace with luminous opal, the gem of spiritual healing. This opal pendant necklace encapsulates the pursuit of divine harmony and connectedness.

Australian Opal Jewelry With Splendid Zircon Halo

With their beautiful iridescence, Opal necklaces showcase every colour of the rainbow. From vibrant Fire Opal to ocean-hued Blue Opal, discover a wide selection of colourful Opal necklaces to suit your personal style.

Garland Series Fire With Opal Necklace Sterling Silver

Symbolic of hope and loyalty, October’s birthstone stands out for the fiery range of colours contained within a single stone. During the Middle Ages, it was believe this stone brought good luck to the wearer.

Geometric 925 Silver Pendant Necklace For Women

Perfect for Daily Wear, Anniversaries, Weddings, Engagements, Parties, Ceremonies, and Cocktails. Great as a Gift for Birthdays, Graduations, Mothers' Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

Love Heart Necklace Silver Pendant Jewelry

“Meeting you is my destiny in this life”. The double hearts are locked together hanging on the arch to bring your luck and love, carrying hapiness to you all the time.

Crown Shape Silver Necklace With Dancing Stone

A crown shape necklace, "no cross no crown". Crown is a symbol of power. Do yourself: I believe that I am the master of my own destiny.

Australian Opal Pendants With Double Zircon Halo

Dive deep into the depths of our oceans with this wonderful piece of Opal jewelry that will leave you mezmerized by the intensity of its deep blue colors.

925 Silver Heart Jewelry With Diamond

Wear this heart--necklace! Let us say loudly:I love you!

Rectangle Shape 925 Silver Necklace For Women

Double interwined triangle necklace with a dancing stone in the hollowed-out center. It's made of sterlign silver and Swarovski stone with logo.

Geometric Round Circle Shape 925 Sterling Silver Necklace for Women

Round circle shape stands for the wonderful life. It can be more presented the beautiful love. The shining zircons can improve the whole quality of this necklace.

New Collection Eiffel Tower Shape 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

French is a romantic country. The Eiffel tower is located in Paris, France. The shape of tower can increase the love feeling. The romance atmosphere is full with your body when you wear it. Love jewelry, love yourself.

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