2tons Isuzu Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Isuzu garbage truck with Hooklift arm device,2tons Isuzu Hook Arm Garbage Truck ,Isuzu Detachable container garbage truck

Isuzu Detachable container garbage truck

Isuzu Detachable container garbage truck

2tons Hook Arm Garbage Truck PT5040ZXX For Loading, Unloading, And Transport





Detachable container garbage truck is a vehicle combined function of loading, unloading, and transport. Use the pull arm to load the garbage containers (bulk load container, combined compress container, separated compress container), and unload automatically. The efficiency will greatly improved by reduce the empty run and loading time via multi-container application. 1,2,3 tons series apply for the concerned container for bulk loading. 5 to 12 tons series can use as bulk loading and small size horizontal detachable refuse transfer station. Bigger than 14 tons can match the large size horizontal detachable refuse transfer station.





The garbage truck produced by ISUZU group is a kind of special sanitation vehicle. The product is more economic and energy-saving, flexible and highly efficient, and it is especially applicable to the garbage handling work in populated areas in cooperation with garbage transfer station.





Vehicle Model


chassis Model


Maximum lifting capacity


maximum total mass


Kerb Moss


Rated pay load




Time of container loading


Time of container unloading


Max. pressure of hydraulic system




wheel base


height of hook center


track width of the box




Competitive Advantage:


1. Hooklift arm device of ISUZU are complied with industry standards, with high standardization, Highly optimized for general use.

Simplify electric arcuit and reduce failure rate by adopt electric-gas-liquidintegration controltechnology and PLC control

2. Control buttons and levers are designed with humanity are easy to operation.

3. Two control ways of electric and hand-operated control electric control are opeted in the cab in order to improve the working conditions and reduce operation intensity manual operation are adopoted out of cab in order to make sure the work performed normally when the electric systems faults occurd

4. Vehicle stability can be open and closed freely, in case to appcar tilt phnomenon when it is overload

5. Inerlock function of hydraulic system ensure that the movements can be

6. Rearview monitor system of optional is offered,. It is very conveinent toperform visible load and unload operation in the cab.




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