Christmas Card|Greeting Card Laser Hollowing Cutting Machine On Paper

The greeting card laser hollowing marking machine also has the advantages of auto-focus, dynamic focus large format technology, CCD positioning, folding cavity design, adsorption platform and other advantages, which can meet the diversified needs of the paper industry. In fact, in addition to the paper industry, the machine is also suitable for a variety of non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, wood, stone and other laser carving, marking and other processes. It is believed that with this equipment, it will bring innovation and changes in production to many industries and promote the development of the industry.

  • Marking Speed≤10000mm/s
  • Marking Range450mm*850mm(Optional)
  • Wavelength10640nm
  • Laser power60-350 watts
  • Machine modelCK-LEG-AU
  • Device Size1000mm*1200mm*2000mm

Christmas Card Greeting Card Laser Hollowing Cutting Machine On Paper

The beauty of greeting cards lies in their shape and hollowing out, giving people three-dimensional artistic enjoyment visually. CK laser greeting card laser hollowing marking machine integrates the functions of cutting and engraving, and uses the self-developed three-axis dynamic system to realize the free and variable focal length through the offset of three-axis lenses, which is not limited by complex graphic programs. many innovative and unique patterns can also be easily realized, which can add a three-dimensional sense, make the whole greeting card more vivid, and have the advantages that cannot be overcome by hand. Meet the individual needs of different customers

Laser equipment recommendation:

Carbon dioxide Non-metallic Laser Marking Machine enclosure is completely made from metal sheets with an integrated full-cover design. After upgrade, the space use is more reasonable, with three dimension versions available - Large, Medium and Small. Moreover, it can be compatible with CO2, FB, UV and many other models.

Supermini CO2 laser marking machine is used for laser marking and engraving of non-metallic materials, equipped with 2.5-inch oversized optical system to achieve fine, fast and large format laser marking.

Holiday Greeting Card Laser Cutting Machine
Christmas Card Laser Cutting Machine

Functional features:

  • Laser processing does not need to open the mold, does not need to make moulds for different designs, and saves a lot of production costs.

  • Compared with traditional tool cutting, laser processing is faster and more efficient, which speeds up the production speed and shortens the output cycle of finished products.

  • Only need to adjust the parameters on the computer to achieve half-cut, full-cut, point-cut different requirements, graphics are not limited, can complete a variety of complex graphics cutting, and maximize the utilization of materials.

  • There are some problems in traditional machining, such as inaccurate cutting, rough edge and so on, while the laser machining precision can reach less than mm, the cutting edge is smooth and smooth, which can effectively reduce the defective rate of product processing

Process application:

Laser Printing On Paper

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