Customized 304 Stainless Steel Hand-made Cleanroom Sandwich Panels For Food Depot With ISO9001

304 Stainless steel hand-made cleanroom panel, aluminum connection, fire grade A, field splicing, module clean room panel installation is convenient and fast, can withstand frequent disinfection treatment as well as washing and wiping, mainly used in food cleaning room.

  • Frame TCK0.6mm
  • ApplicationsFood Clean Room,Food Depot,etc.
  • RemarksThe dimensions shall be issued by Wiskind technology department
  • Core MaterialsPU,rock wool,magnesium board,paper honey comb,aluminium honey comb,plaster,EPS, etc.
  • Outer Plate Material304 SS steel
  • Steel Facer TCK0.5mm
  • Fire RatingA
  • Wall & Ceiling TCK50mm
  • Width980mm 1180mm
  • Max Length6000mm

Wiskind clean room panels suppliers, the clean room panel material is 304 stainless steel.The density is 7.93g/cm³, which is also called 18/8 stainless steel in the industry. It is high-temperature resistant to 800 ° c, with good processing performance and high toughness, and can withstand frequent disinfection, washing and wiping. It is widely used in the food and medical industry.

1. Wear resistance: the surface is beautiful, clean, bright and durable without scratches and never rusts or breaks.

2. Low temperature resistance: the stainless steel water pipe and tap Angle valve in the kitchen and bathroom will never break.

3. Excellent thermal expansion performance and thermal insulation performance: stainless steel tube has slow thermal expansion and cold contraction, and good thermal insulation performance.

Hand-made Cleanroom Sandwich Panels


980mm 1180mm

Max Length


Wall & Ceiling TCK


Fire Rating


Steel Facer TCK


Outer Plate Material

Core Material

PU,Rock Wool,Magnesium Board,Paper Honey comb,Aluminium Honey Comb,Plaster,EPS, etc.

Frame TCK



Food Clean Room,Food Depot,etc.


The dimensions shall be issued by Wiskind technology department.


1、Wiskind 304 stainless steel hand-made cleanroom panel is used with aluminum profiles,modular clean room panel installation installation, convenient and fast.

2、Factory accepts customization.

3、Diversified core material for different environments,fire protection, insulation,noise reduction,moisture resistance.

4、The cleanroom wall panel,strength,flatness and aesthetics of the clean panel are greatly improved,and the product quality is more stable.

5、The hole reinforcement reserve and the wire pipe box are assembled into the plate in advance in the factory, which can effectively reduce the secondary pollution in the process of use, especially in the environment of food processing.

Technical Production Advantages:

Wiskind has independently developed a set of international advanced purification of panel continuous production system, including: roller pressure molding system, automatic renewal cotton system, automatic spray adhesive system, double track to finalize the design and temperature control system, robot palletizing system and control system, the system has a high degree of automation, the processing efficiency and product quality is stable, the largest production capacity reach 2 million ㎡ / year, and can produce a variety of core material clean room panel.

Automatic cloth glue: the root adhesive technology, quality more stable, through experiment data testing, automatic line products industry relatively excellent traditional manual wire bonding strength and the flexural bearing capacity have been greatly improved, automatic line purification rock wool plate bonding strength is higher than industry excellent traditional manual line products 50%, double glass magnesium for two times;In bending capacity, the automatic line of rock wool purification board than the industry excellent traditional manual line products 12% higher, 37% higher double glass magnesium.

304 Stainless Steel Panels

At present, the commonly used steel cooperation manufacturers of Wiskind are Baosteel, BSGER and other high-end well-known enterprises, high material stability, T bending performance, tensile, yield performance stability.

Wiskind can conduct comprehensive experiments on clean room panel materials such as acid, neutral and alkaline, and can also simulate the actual factory environment for experiments, and can also provide various solutions such as stainless steel, aluminum magnesium manganese, titanium zinc plate, VCM, HDPPGI plate according to different environments.

Wiskind provides customers with professional clean room envelop integrated solutions, and implements comprehensive and integrated services.Including: demand analysis, scheme design, quotation, production order, delivery, construction guidance and daily maintenance services.

Wiskind Laboratory

Information management system covering the whole business process, cooperating with large logistics companies, complete models, transportation network covering the whole country.Standard packaging, loading procedures to ensure the safety of products, efficient delivery, customer service more standardized and efficient.Equipped with a professional after-sales problem processing center, to complete the construction of the project information registration, regular return visit the use of, and to do a one-to-one efficient treatment of problems.

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