Customized Mechanism PPGI Rock Wool Cleanroom Wall Panels For food Factory

Wiskind mechanism cleanroom wall panel is sealed by two sides. It does not need aluminum profiles when connecting. It is directly inserted and has various core materials. It has core materials such as rock wool, puf, gypsum rock wool and glass magnesium rock wool.

  • CoatingPE、PVDF、HDP
  • Core MaterialPU,Rock Wool,Magnesium Board,Paper Honey Comb,EPS, Etc.
  • ApplicationPharmaceutical Clean Room,Electronic Clean Room,Food Clean Room,etc.
  • Steel Facer Thickness0.4-0.8mm
  • Max Length6000mm
  • Outer Plate MaterialPPGI,Al-mg-Mn Alloy steel,SS steel,Ti-Zn steel,VCM
  • Wall Thickness50mm,75mm,100mm,150mm
  • Width950mm/1150mm

Product Name

        Customized Mechanism PPGI Rock Wool Cleanroom Wall Panels For food Factory                     



Max Length


Wall Thickness


Steel Facer Thickness 


Outer Plate Material

PPGI,Al-mg-Mn Alloy steel,SS steel,Ti-Zn steel,VCM



Core Material

PU,Rock Wool,Magnesium Board,Paper Honey Comb,EPS,Etc.


Pharmaceutical Cleanroom,Electronic Cleanroom,Food Cleanroom,etc.

Mechanism Cleanroom Panel


1. Modular mechanism cleanroom panel overall strength is high and the product quality is stable.

2. Factory accepts customization.  

3.Reserved space in the tongue and groove for easy access to PVC pipe.

4. The mechanism cleanroom panel systems does not need to be connected with the aluminum profile, the clean room wall is inserted into the wall,and the internal space is reserved,which can be directly used as a threading pipe,which is convenient and practical.

5. Male and Female connection type ,Closed seam,suitable in Biology laboratory.  

6. The mechanism clean room panel is installed flush and clean in the cleanroom door, and Wiskind improves the overall scheme design for customers.

Rockwool Purifying Wall Panel

Installation Method:

The mechanism cleanroom panel adopts a T-Grid Ceiling tiles Systems. Wiskind's T-Grid Ceiling tiles Systems are connected by a clean room ceiling (also known as a wall panel) and a T-shaped aluminum profile. The resistance to bending and adhesion, stable quality, people and equipment can walk on it. The ceiling system can be perfectly connected with the modular partition system to ensure that the width of the ceiling system connection gap and the wall gap are consistent, which improves the aesthetics of the clean room.

T-Grid Ceiling Systems


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