Fitness colorful children playground music piano toy equipment set

A and B pianos are both chime bells, one high and one low in perfect harmony, and the three tones of C piano (marimba) are fused to form a sound combination similar to ancient chime bells. Combined with the drumbeat, the whole group has a strong sense of rhythm, forming a rich performance mood, suitable for children's songs such as little stars and other songs.

Product Description

This toy is perfect for outdoor activities because it does not require batteries or other power sources, and children can take it to the park, beach, or other outdoor locations to play in the natural environment. It not only provides entertainment but also exercises children's bodies and intellect. Let the kids try the Outdoor Percussion Set, they'll love this fun toy!

General Information

Size ≈2㎡
Gamut 40 sounds
Range G4-G6、C5-C7、G4-C6、C-G-C
Body SS.(stainless steel)、HDPE
Package Custom size wooden boxes or disassembled cartons
Weight 138KG(NW)  260KG(GW)


Product Advantages

HDPE environmental protection material

Stainless steel material anti-corrosion

German standard environmental safety paint Tone standard


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