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DEATS is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Zhongshan Zhanxing Hua Hardware Products Co., Ltd. The company is a core product of metal voice instruments, percussion toys, percussion toys, and metal voice piece accessories. The company has automatic stamping, injection molding, die-casting, electrostatic painting lines, and other production equipment while integrating research and development, production, and sales.

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Outdoor park & super music children's percussion instrument toys

Rhythmist-E This percussion product has a stylish and simple design style, while across 13 notes, so that the sound of the strike out of the high and low with a sense of staggering, playing powerful, very suitable for the countryside nature environment

Fitness colorful children playground music piano toy equipment set

A and B pianos are both chime bells, one high and one low in perfect harmony, and the three tones of C piano (marimba) are fused to form a sound combination similar to ancient chime bells. Combined with the drumbeat, the whole group has a strong sense of rhythm, forming a rich performance mood, suitable for children's songs such as little stars and other songs.

Durable Elite Drum Wall Version Playground Hand Drum Panel Percussion

Introducing our Elite Drum Wall Version Drumming Panels - an elegant solution for music lovers and interior design enthusiasts alike. Whether you're a professional musician or simply want to add an element of excitement to their playground or park, our Elite Drum Wall Edition drum panels are the perfect choice. Impress your guests with this durable and stylish decorative piece.

Outdoor Xylophone Musical Playground Equipment Percussion Instruments

Feel the agitation of nature and release your inner passion! The dynamic outdoor percussion instrument allows you to release freely and dance to the rhythm of the drums. The notes are flying and the drums are shocking, bringing you an unprecedented shocking experience. Join us and enjoy the charm of percussion in nature!

Playground Landscape Commercial Stainless Steel Outdoor Xylophone

Let nature music accompany your outdoor travel and dance with the forest. Advantages: 1. Unique sound and visual experience, adding fun to outdoor experience; 2. Eco-friendly, durable and easy to maintain; 3. Suitable for multiple age groups, including children and adults; 4. Can be used for music education and music treat.

Imbarimba Outdoor Musical Instrument

The benefits of outdoor musical instruments: 1. Physical exercise: Percussion on musical instruments requires hands, feet, force, etc., which is helpful for physical exercise. 2. Improve coordination: Percussion instruments require the cooperation of left and right hands and left and right feet at the same time, which helps to improve coordination. 3. Enhance the sense of rhythm: percussion instruments need to grasp the rhythm, which helps to enhance the sense of rhythm. 4. Reduce stress: Playing a musical instrument outdoors can relax people and reduce stress. 5. Cultivate a sense of teamwork: Playing a musical instrument requires cooperation with other people, which helps to develop a sense of teamwork. 6. Enhance self-confidence: By playing a musical instrument, you can increase your self-confidence and improve your sense of self-worth.

Outdoor Musical Instrument Colossus Chimes

It is a high-quality music effect, often used in the simulation of instruments such as percussion instruments, bells and pianos. It has a clear sound and continuous resonance, which can make the music sound more vivid and realistic. Chimes can also produce a unique rhythm and musicality, enhancing the layering and beauty of the entire musical composition. In addition, Chimes are also very suitable for scenes such as film soundtracks, commercial music and background music, which can add more emotion and atmosphere to the work.

Outdoor Indoor Tuned Drums

The Tuned Drums feature a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence similar to Congo Drums. The Tuned Drums feature a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence similar to Congo Drums. This set of five drums can be played by hand, creating deep resonating beats that inspire movement and dance.

Rainbow Bongos Tuned Drums

Outdoor drum is a rhythmic percussion instrument suitable for playing in outdoor spaces, usually consisting of a drum membrane and a drum stand, and can be used for accompaniment, rhythm, or to enhance the effect of musical performances. Ideal for improving hand-to-eye coordination, rhythm, and fine motor skills, they look great and sound even better.

Percussion Play Flower Petal Drums Outdoor Musical Instruments

Petal Drums is a flower-themed music rhythm game. Players need to tap the petals by touching the screen and follow the rhythm of the game. The game is equipped with many different types of flowers and sound effects, and players can choose according to their preferences. The game interface is beautiful and simple, and the difficulty of the game gradually increases. Players need to constantly improve their reaction speed and hand-eye coordination. Petal Drums is a fun and challenging music game for players of all ages.

Flower Percussion Petal Drums

Each ‘Petal Drum’ contains a small Babel Drum encased within specific shaped aluminum ‘petals.’ The flower heads are securely mounted to a stainless-steel frame or ready to be wall-mounted and come supplied with soft, flexible mallets specifically designed to produce delightfully soft, soothing tones.

Rose gold sunny and energetic outdoor play percussion instruments

Commander-E This percussion instrument not only has a luscious appearance, but also a bright rose gold color, full of sunshine and vitality. Whether you are chasing the sun outdoors or enjoying music indoors, this percussion instrument will give you the best experience to use.

Colorful eye-catching 11-step gantry school playground outdoor percussion instruments

Commander-I The seasons will keep changing, but the activities that keep kids playing outdoors will not change. Now there is a new children's outdoor percussion instrument that is colorful and eye-catching like a gantry, with only a percussive articulation tube.

Natural harmony outdoor environmental protection children's percussion instrument toys

Commander-V This outdoor percussion instrument is made of stainless steel natural color and champagne gold articulation tube. The whole product looks very harmonious, like the autumn leaves in nature, giving a pleasing feeling. The surface is carved, but it does not affect the sound quality at all, the sound is still natural and accurate.

Outdoor Flower Percussion Petal Drums

Playing drums outdoors has many benefits. First, it relaxes and reduces stress, helping to relieve anxiety and tension. Secondly, drumming can exercise hand-eye coordination and sense of rhythm, and improve body coordination and balance. In addition, drumming is also a kind of aerobic exercise, which can enhance cardiorespiratory function and physical endurance and strength. Finally, outdoor drumming can also improve people's sense of belonging and teamwork, and enhance social skills and cooperation spirit.

Outdoor Percussion Petal Drums

Each ‘Petal Drum’ contains a small Babel Drum. The flower heads are securely mounted to a stainless-steel frame or ready to be wall-mounted and come supplied with soft, flexible mallets specifically designed to produce delightfully soft, soothing tones.

Playground Garden Musical Playtime Incorporating Percussion Outdoor Activities

Commander-A Play, learn and create music at our Playground Garden Music Playtime! Join us for this fun, interactive outdoor program where children can explore rhythm, beat, and percussion instruments. Our experienced educators will guide children through musical games and activities that promote creativity, teamwork, and physical activity. With a variety of percussion instruments to choose from, children can experiment with different sounds and rhythms and even create their own music. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to play, learn and make music in the great outdoors!

Outdoor Indoor Tuned Drums Mounted On Wall

The Tuned Drums feature a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence similar to Congo Drums. This set of five drums can be played by hand, creating deep resonating beats that inspire movement and dance.

Early Childhood Collection Musical Park Instruments

The Early Childhood Ensemble features our best-selling instruments designed at the perfect height for budding musicians. Consisting of toddler height Tuned Drums, the twinkling sounds of the Melody, and the percussive notes of the rhythm, this ensemble is ideal for any facility wishing to introduce music to young children.

Musical garden playground

Create a fun whimsy musical garden on the playground! Anodized aluminum construction stands up to all weather conditions while the bright colors provide a fun and inviting space. In-ground mounting and assembly are required. Ages 2 and up.

Outdoor Musical Instruments for Ages 2 and up

Choose from chimes, bongos, bells, drums, and xylophones, or incorporate them all to create an outdoor orchestra. Children can create their own musical ideas and sounds, and collaborate with their peers to make expressive, carefree music.Playgrounds featuring kids musical instruments are an innovative way of combining skill development, creativity, and fun. They work to boost brain power, build confidence, and are a great form of expression.

Tembos Beat outdoor musical garden

Outdoor percussion offers several advantages, including:Natural acoustics: Outdoor environments provide more natural resonance, enhancing the sound and amplifying the percussion instruments.Physical exercise: Playing outdoor percussion requires physical effort, helping to improve cardiovascular health and hand-eye coordination.Team building: Outdoor percussion can be played in groups, promoting teamwork, communication, and cooperation among players.Creativity: Outdoor percussion blends rhythms and sounds with the natural environment, encouraging creativity and improvisation.Stress relief: Playing percussion outdoors in nature can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.Overall, outdoor percussion offers a unique and rewarding musical experience that is both physically and mentally beneficial.

Suit to school | commercial park | Playground Explore Rhythmic Sounds Music Great Outdoors Outdoor Percussion Instruments

Rhythmist-J Play the rhythm, release your passion and enjoy your freedom. Our outdoor percussion instruments, made of stainless steel, pronounce accurately and make your rhythm more accurate. The appearance is simple and fashionable, high-end atmosphere, whether in outdoor camping, or indoor performance, are able to bring infinite surprises. Embrace the freedom, release your musical talent, and dance your passion with our outdoor percussion instruments.

Experience thrill drumming in the wild outdoor instruments|Applicable to beaches|playgrounds|leisure places

Babel Drum Want to feel the charm of music in the outdoors? Come and try our outdoor percussion products! It is made of stainless steel and has accurate pronunciation, so you can easily play beautiful melodies. Moreover, this product has a simple and stylish design, allowing you to show your unique charm while playing. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, this outdoor percussion instrument will be a great choice for you!

Tembos Beat outdoor musical instruments

Playing 11 outdoor musical instruments using rhythm has several benefits, including Coordination improvement, Muscle strengthening, Enhancing auditory perception, Promoting teamwork and communication, Boosting creativity, Reducing stress and anxiety, Increasing energy and motivation, Developing a sense of timing and rhythm, Improving concentration and focus, Providing a fun and enjoyable outdoor activity, Fostering a sense of community and social interaction.

Cyclone Tembos Beat outdoor musical instruments

Spinning the wheel will set the ball bearings inside the wheel into motion to mimic the sound of falling rain. From a gentle pitter-patter through a heavy rain shower to a full-on monsoon, players can control the intensity of the rain sound by how hard they spin the wheel, demonstrating the concept of cause and effect and encouraging gross motor skills. Mounted on a sturdy stainless steel frame, this is made of two HDPE panels embellished with thunderbolt aluminum inserts.

Rainbow Chimes Wall Mounted outdoor musical instrument

The space-saving wall-mounted Rainbow chime is a pentatonic ally tuned instrument and a great way to foster musical development in young children. Perfect for nursery schools, pre-schools, and kindergartens, this bright and inviting metallophone is easy to securely fix to a wall, fence, or play structure and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Rainbow chimes can be purchased on their own or with rainbow trio drums and chimes to make a colorful ensemble. Ideal for improving hand-to-eye coordination, rhythm, and fine motor skills, this small and compact instrument will give children an opportunity to improvise and compose their own melodies while exploring and experimenting with sounds and pitch (high vs. low sounds, loud vs. soft, fast vs. slow) and other musical contrasts.

Wall Mounted Playground Chimes

As children play their own calming melodies, they can fully relax,which promotes better mental health for children as they let go ofworries and stress, even from a young age. Crafted from high quality stainless steel, our Wall MountedPlayground Chimes are very durable and long lasting. Featuringlonger and shorter chimes, children can explore introductoryconcepts of science (specifcally physics) as they explore why thesmaller, shorter chimes create a higher pitch and the larger, longerchimes create lower pitched sounds.

Drum Panel Interactive Music Station

Bring out the drummer in your child. The musical panels are operated by solars and the children simply push the buttons on the panels to generate a sound. Purchase with the Piano panel and strike up the band.

Musical Play Panels

Our musical playground equipment makes it easy for pupils of any age to enjoy outdoor musical instruments at any time of the year. Designed for external use and conveniently positioned in a robust freestanding play panel, each musical instrument can be strummed, beaten, or rolled with ease. our innovative musical playground equipment for schools, nurseries, and other play spaces to add a new level of fun to playtime. Musical play helps to encourage potential musical interests and abilities. Play panels offer opportunities for all children to develop skills, have fun and spend time learning outside. Music panels have real instrument sounds and can engage children of all abilities in exploration and excitement.

Piano Panel Playground Music Station Music Panel – Piano

Bring out the drummer in your child. The musical panels are operated by batteries and the children simply push the buttons on the panels to generate a sound. Purchase with the Drum panel and strike up the band. The electronic piano has eight different piano notes from middle c through to high c and is capable of playing chords of up to four notes simultaneously.

Exquisite Christmas little bells toy accessories

The bell toy accessory is a delicate decoration for all kinds of baby toys, handicrafts and DIY projects. It is made of high quality metal material with bright and pleasant bells and durable features. These accessories present a lovely appearance and a variety of colors to attract baby's attention and stimulate their auditory and tactile development.

Colorful small bells toy accessories

Colorful little bells toy accessories are a cute and colorful accessory designed for toy makers and enthusiasts. These small bells are small and delicate with beautiful colors and pleasant bells that add fun and vibrancy to toys. They can be used for a variety of toy projects, such as plush toys, baby toys, crafts and decorations, adding a unique visual and auditory experience.

Top-Quality Outdoor Musical Playground Tembos Pentatonic Musical Instrument Diatonic Tembos

Beat Manager C can produce fucky and intested sounds,makes people exiting and pleased sense,knocking at sound hole simple, combined with 5 tone scale,far from phone and desktop, you will learn to listen to the nature, have a big relax yourself

Aluminum Alloy Playground Handpipes Outdoor Musical Instruments

Commander-380 to extend from both sides of the 30 aluminum alloy sound tube, two different color sound pipes like angels spread wings. The music melody is melodious and long-lasting, it can be used in any outdoor scene. The music sound when tapping can bring you enough penetrating power and extraordinary sensory experience. The wide desige to suitable for multiplayer playing together.

stainless steel Tembos Beat drum pipe outdoor musical play equipment

Beat Manager C can produce fucky and intested sounds,makes people exiting and pleased sense,knocking at sound hole simple, combined with 5 tone scale,far from phone and desktop, you will learn to listen to the nature, have a big relax yourself

Outdoor Indoor Elite Drume Outdoor Musical Instruments

Elite F series has a little slope drum, you can choose the angle you want to exactly according to your demand, it can meet ault and children playing at same time, is one items of leisure and amusement's fitness facility and music purcussion instruments. Letting children play outdoors not only strengthens their physical fitness but also develops their teamwork and self-confidence. Hand-clapping drums allow children to play together, learn from each other and make progress together, allowing them to gain more happiness.

Musical children toys arc piano piece plate accessories

Colorful toy piano always attracts children's attention and stimulates their natural instinct to learn and play. And the metal music piece on top is especially important as a channel for the child to get to know music. Our curved metal music piece, in doing beautiful at the same time also safe, worth you to buy. Let the child happy is also our factory vision

Autumn sakura Ensemble model wizard Outdoor Instruments music toy

This flower is made of metal, which has good durability and corrosion resistance and is suitable for use in outdoor environments. In addition, it can be fixed by different installation methods, such as inserting it into the soil or fixing it on the concrete surface to make it more stable.

Small Rainbow Baby Musical Car Piano Toy

Small car piano is a creative children's toy, it collects the elements of metal piano piece and small car, not only can be used as a toy car glide, but also can make crisp and pleasant music. This powerless musical toy not only helps children develop an interest in music, but also exercises their hand-eye coordination and attention. The pieces of the car piano are made of high quality steel and are precision processed and tuned so that each piece has its own unique tone and pitch. By pressing the pieces, children can play their favorite songs or arrangements and enjoy the pleasure and sense of accomplishment that music brings.

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