Germany Type Hose Clamp Assembly Machine

Our High Speed Automatic Germany Type Hose Clamp Assembly Machine adopts pneumatic execution structure design and various types of German hose clamps (German type, partial head German type) can be assembled automatically.

High Speed Automatic Germany Type Hose Clamp Assembly Machine

The Automotive Hose Clamp Assembly Production Line, including vibrating feeding tray, conveying structure, frame, holding mechanism, coiling mechanism, tightening mechanism, etc., is mainly used for automatic assembly and production of hose clamp.

Hose clamps are widely used in automobiles, tractors, ships, gasoline engines, diesel engines, sprinklers and other mechanical equipment, the joints of the oil, gas, and liquid hoses, as well as the sewer connections of buildings and constructions, and all kinds of sturdy connection fittings for hose connections.

Products Features:

1. The linear structure is simple and easy to install and maintain.

2. Operating parts adopt parts of world famous brands.

3. Highly automated and intelligent operation, no pollution.

Technical Parameters:

Product name

Automatic Germany Type Hose Clamp Assembly Machine




1 Ton

Work Area



Single-phase power 115v60Hz ANSI electric standards


0.5Mpa-0.7Mpa 72.5-101.5 PSI

Free Twisting Force

0.8-1.3N/M (7.08-11.505 in/ibs)

Destructive Twisting Force

more than 13.56N/M (120 in/ibs)

Equipment Failure Rate

less than 0.5%



Warranty Period

one year

Additional Serves

Professional technology training

Brand of Main Parts

SMC Japan, SIEMENS Germany, Panasonic Japan, Keyence Japan, Schneider France, BASLER Germany,


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