GYQ Series High Precision Gas Filter

The gas filter is an important equipment of the gas transmission and distribution system. In the gas transmission process, in order to ensure the normal operation and protection of the gas transmission and distribution equipment and meters such as pressure regulators, valves, flowmeters, pressure meters, etc., it must remove the solid impurities in the gas. It is necessary to install a filter with the required filtering accuracy in front of it, so our company has developed and produced the GYQ series filter specifically for the above requirements, which is applicable for natural gas,liquefied petroleum gas, city gas and other gases.


■ Easy installation and operation, easy to use and maintain;

■ Optional filtering accuracy, and it can be equipped with a differential pressure meter   that displays the dirtyness of the filter;

■ Large filter area and small fluid flow resistance;

■ Stainless steel filter core is durable, easy to clean and reusable;

■Y-type filter and outlet flange are American standard flanges, which can be used with gas roots flowmeter。

Technical Parameters

Table Of Technical Parameters

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