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Hubei Nan Kong Instrument Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional flow meter manufacturer, we specialize in producing gas turbine flow meter, liquid turbine flow meter, vortex flow meter and other flow meters. More buying choices at

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NBL Industrial Measurement Series Intelligent Target Flowmeter

Target flowmeter in 60 s application in the industrial flow measurement, it is mainly used for solving high viscosity, low Reynolds number fluid flow measurement, has experienced the pneumatic tables and electric table two development stages, NBL series intelligent target flowmeter is the original strain chip target flowmeter measurement principle on the basis of using the latest capacitive force sensor as measure and sensitive components, at the same time, use of modern digital intelligent processing technology and developed a new type of flow meters.

LG Standard Orifice Meter Throttle Device

There are several methods to measure the flow rate of medium through pipelines, but the most widely used and common one is differential pressure flow meter.It is composed of the throttle device and the differential pressure gauge or the throttle device and the differential pressure transmitter together with the secondary table.Typical application of flow throttling device: medium and high velocity gas such as steam and compressed air.

LC Digital Oval Gear Flow Meter

LC series oval gear flow meter is a direct reading accumulative meter. It is a volumetric Flow meter that measures the summation of liquid flow through the pipeline. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical and health departments of the flow measurement.

LZ Liquid Crystal Display Metal Tube Rotameter

LZ metal tube rotameter is used to measure the volume flow of liquid and gas in closed pipe continuously.It can be widely used for measuring liquid and gas flow in national defense, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, medicine and light industry.

PT Pressure Or Differential Pressure Transducer

PT pressure or differential pressure transducer adopts advanced technology, safe and reliable, high precision and pulse transmission;It is widely used in the measurement of pressure parameters of industrial pipelines.

YI Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter And Open Channel Flow Meter

YI ultrasonic liquid level meter and open channel flow meter are widely used in the physical level measurement of petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment, water conservancy, food, grain and other industries. They are safe, clean, high precision, long life, stable and reliable, and easy to install and maintain.

Liquid Level Open Channel Flow Meter Temperature Transmitter

The temperature transmitter is generally composed of temperature element, transition lead, insulating tube, protective tube, junction box, fixing device, etc., dividing number Pt100, Cu50 thermistor, and K\N\E\J\T thermocouple.

XSN Intelligent Flow Control Instrument

The XSN intelligent flow control instrument is combined with the vortex street and the sensor of the turbine pulse signal to control the flow quantitatively.

XSJ Secondary Instrument Series Flow Integrator

XSJ series flow integrator works with various flow sensors and transmitters to complete the measurement, transformation, transmission and control of instantaneous flow and carry out the cumulative calculation at the same time.

XSJB Series Thermal Energy Integrator

XSJB series thermal energy integrator is an intelligent instrument designed to give full play to the advantages of digital technology and software technology.

XSR22 Series Compensation Flow Integral Recorder

XSR22 Series compensation flow integral Recorder can measure, transform, compensate, calculate, display, record, dump, communication and control the flow with all kinds of sensors and transmitters.

XSR30/XSR70 Secondary Instrument Paperless Recorder

XSR30/XSR70 paperless recorder is composed of LCD screen, key, ARM microprocessor, main board, main power supply, external power supply, intelligent channel board, large capacity FLASH, etc.

FS1015CL Series Gas Mass Flow Sensors

FS1015CL series gas mass flow sensor is specially designed for the measurement and process control of various kinds of medical gases. The product is made of the microcomputer system (MEMS) flow sensor chip developed by our company, which is suitable for all kinds of clean gases.Low cost, easy to install, no need of temperature pressure compensation, can replace the volume type or pressure difference type of traditional flow meter.The measurement range is up to 150SLPM, and the ISO 15mm connection mode is applicable to various medical equipment such as ventilator and anesthesia machine.

FS4001 Series Gas Mass Flow Sensors

FS4001 series gas mass flow sensors are specially designed for the measurement and process control of various low-flow gases.This series of sensors are manufactured by microelectromechanical system (MEMS) flow sensor chip developed by our company.Suitable for all kinds of clean and dry gases.

FS4003/08 Series Gas Mass Flow Sensors

FS4003/08 series gas mass flow sensor is specially developed for common gas flow measurement.The sensor can directly measure gas mass flow without bypass setting and low pressure loss.The sensor can be used for flow monitoring of air or nitrogen in the purification industry, as well as for environmental detection industry (such as atmospheric sampler) and analytical instrument (such as chromatographic analyzer).

FS5001L Series Gas Mass Flow Sensors

FS5001B series gas mass flow sensor is specially designed for the measurement and process control of various types of low-flow gas. All of these sensors are made by the microcomputer point system (MEMS) flow sensor chip developed by our company, which is applicable to various clean and dry gases.The sensor adopts label installation, which makes the installation size more compact, and can easily realize multi-sensor integration in small space.

FS6122 Series Medical CPAP Sensor Fusion

FS6122 series medical CPAP sensor module is designed for the CPAP system of domestic ventilator (continuous positive pressure ventilation system).The sensor integrates MEMS mass flow chip and MEMS pressure chip, thus providing the necessary output signal for CPAP system.

FS7002 Series Gas Mass Flow Sensors

The FS7002 mass flow rate/anti-blockage sensor is made by using the microcomputer electrical system (MEMS) flow sensor chip independently developed by our company, which is suitable for cleaning and drying gases of various general purposes.Unique packaging technology enables it to measure flow in different ranges under the same pipe diameter, mass production to ensure high reliability, high performance and low cost.

FS8000 Series Gas Mass Flow Sensors

• Flow Range: FS8001:(0~500)sccm;FS8003:(0~6)SLPM • Accuracy: ± (2+0.5FS) • Repeatability: ± 1.0 • Output: Linear:analog voltage0.5~4.5VDC/I²C • High sensitivity • Low pressure drop • Miniature design for easy installation

MF4000 Series MEMS Gas Flow Meters

MF4000 series gas mass flowmeter is specially designed for measuring the flow of low-speed airflow in gas pipelines with pipe diameter of 3mm-8mm. Thread and various quick interfaces can easily realize mechanical interface conversion and meet the requirements of various gas pipelines of users. This product can be used for various industrial applications such as process control and atmospheric sampling.

MF5000 series Gas Mass Flow Meters

ME5000 series gas mass flowmeter is the company combined with micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) flow sensor chip technology and many years of computer adaptive technology experience, the development of intelligent electronic gas mass flowmeter, the main technical performance in the international leading level, with high sensitivity, high precision, large range ratio and other characteristics.

MF5100 Series Gas Mass Flow Meters

MF5100 series gas mass flow meter has the function of gas recognition. It can work for a long time with battery power supply, display instantaneous and cumulative flow, and provide impulse signal. In the condition of external power supply, it can also output RS485/4-20mA /o~5Vdc and other signals.

MF5200 Series Oxygen Flow Meters

MF5200 series oxygen mass flowmeter is specially designed for the hospital center oxygen supply system.The flowmeter has detachable display, RS485 network communication interface and user-defined alarm function to better achieve network transmission and traffic monitoring.

MF5600 Series Detachable Display Gas Flow Meters

MF5600 series separated gas mass flow meters are specially designed for applications requiring separation of display and body, such as hospital oxygen supply system and small air separation system.The standard industrial user interface (rs485/4-20ma) of the flowmeter and the user-defined alarm function can better realize remote or network monitoring.

MF5700 Series Portable Gas Flow Meters

MF5700 series portable gas mass flow meter is a measuring instrument with wide application range, low power consumption, portable and with display, which can realize networking.The instrument is suitable for the monitoring and measurement of hospital clinical oxygen supply (i. e. medical oxygen meter) and various industrial and commercial applications.

MF5806 Series Digital Oxygen Flow Meters

MF5806 series digital oxygen flow meter inhaler is produced by MEMS flow sensor chip of MEMS system developed by our company.It is suitable for medical center oxygen supply system, emergency oxygen supply and hypoxia inhalation.LCD digital display provides instantaneous flow, cumulative flow and oxygen time, intuitive and simple.It can help doctors determine more accurately how much oxygen a patient is getting.

MF Series In-line Mass Flow Meters

MF series In-line mass flow meters is specially designed for all kinds of management and control of industrial gases.It can be used for gas measurement in beverage and food industry and gas measurement and control in other industries, such as special gas monitoring in metallurgy industry, hydrogen flow monitoring in chemical industry, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon and compressed air monitoring in the production process.

MFI Series Insertion Mass Flow Meters

MFI series insertion mass flowmeters are designed for gas monitoring and control in large pipelines.The plug - in mass flow meter is equipped with self - sealing valves to provide customers with an effective solution for gas measurement with minimal interference.Can be used in the production process of gas measurement and control, such as: oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon, compressed air monitoring and control, but also can be used in other fields.

MF-GD Series Low Pressure Mass Flow Meters

MF-GD series low pressure mass flow meters is specially designed for the measurement of all kinds of medium and low pressure gases. This series of flowmeter adopts battery power supply, which reduces the engineering cost. It can be applied to pipes with diameter of 32~80mm,compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. can be measured, and the accuracy is as high as ± (1.5 + 1.5FS) %, and the maximum working pressure is 0.2MPa.

MF2000 Serise Mass Flow Meters

MF2000 series gas mass flowmeter is designed for all kinds of industrial gases for a variety of low cost management and control and design, the series of instrument can provide direct mass flow information, friendly user interface design (RS485/4 ~ 20 mA) can be easily for data processing.

LF2000 Serise Liquid Flow Sensors

LF2000 series liquid flow sensor is designed by Guangzhou Nan Kong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. in combination with MEMS flow sensor technology and sensor packaging technology, It is designed with the principles of thermal flight time (TOF) and thermal sensing.

FSP1000 Series Digital Differential Pressure Sensor

Precision:±(2.0+0.2FS)% Repetitive:±0.5% Maximum working pressure:0.2MPa

MFC1000 Series Mass Flow Controller

Precision:±(1.5+0.5FS)% Repetitive:±0.5%FS Working range/Span ratio:100:1

MF5806-G Series Smart Gas Cylinder Meters

MF5806-G series MEMS intelligent gas cylinder flowmeter based on proprietary MEMS sensor technology and Internet of things technology provides a complete solution for the filling, storage, transportation and use of gas cylinders.

LF2600 Series Liquid Flow Sensors

The LF2600 series liquid flow sensor adopts the MEMS flow sensor technology and sensor packaging technology of Guangzhou Nan Kong Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd., which integrates the thermal flight time (TOF) and thermal sensing principles.

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