High Precision Rhomboid Prism

The Rhomboid prism application for rhomboid-prism is controlling and redirecting the optical path without affecting the image direction. They can be used to displace an optical center line for light beam folding and stereoscopic systems of different sizes.

1. What is rhomboid prism?

Rhmboid prisms are used to shift an incident beam without angular deviation or orientation change.. In imaging applications, rhomboid prism will displace the optical axis without inverting the image.


2. What’s the application of Rhmboid prisms?


Rhomboid prisms used in optics, imaging applications and photonics applications.

Rhomboid Prisms  Rhomboid Prisms


Material:  N-BK7 Grade A optical glass
Dimensional tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Surface quality:   60-40
Flatness: λ/4@632.8nm
Angle tolerance:  ±3 arcmin
Bevel:  Protective
Coating:  Optional

Part No. LxD(mm) H(mm) θ
URHP001 5.0x5.0 7.1 45°
URHP002 10.0x10.0 14.2 45°
URHP003 15.0x15.0 21.2 45°
URHP004 20.0x20.0 28.3 45°
URHP005 25.0x25.0 35.4 45°

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