Outdoor park & super music children's percussion instrument toys

  • Rhythmist-E
  • This percussion product has a stylish and simple design style, while across 13 notes, so that the sound of the strike out of the high and low with a sense of staggering, playing powerful, very suitable for the countryside nature environment

Product Description

We use bright yellow HDPE sheet to design this product, which makes this product full of vitality. We also used a small overall size of the sound piece, which makes the product's decibel level not high, which is perfect for schools and communities without causing noise. The sound is loud and light is its characteristic, and the resonance makes your body more comfortable.

General Information

Size 1200*600*800mm
Gamut 13 sounds
Body SS.(stainless steel)、HDPE、Special pronunciation aluminum tube
Package 1230*800*150 mm(Eco-friendly wooden box)
Weight 29KG(NW)  37KG(GW)


Product Advantages

HDPE environmental protection material

Stainless steel material anti-corrosion

German standard environmental safety paint Tone standard


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Product Case

playground musical equipment


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