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Green Vitality Industry Co., Ltd offers high quality plastic injection molding services to meet the injection molding needs of any customer. We are engaged in a variety of industries mold and injection molding parts for more than 25 years.

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Custom Molding for Plastic Toys

Our toys mold are exported to Europe, American, Africa and Middle East toys company. Toy molding, toys assembly and packaging for toys industry customer is our service, the children toys are wide range of products including items for leading companies in the toy industry.

Rate Monito Plastic Sport Nylon Watch Strap

Children Watch, Lady Watch, Plastic Nylon Watch Strap, Kid Watch are made from various plastic material in Green vitality Plastic injection Mold manufacturer, PP watch, TPU watch, soft raw material, it is kind of the healthy products made by injection machine.

Injection Mold Toys in Plastic

Building block toy bricks, plastic stairs, plastic airplane,plastic car, plastic train, plastic cup, pen , plastic animal, plastic computer, plastic bottle, plastic fan, plastic flower, plastic knif, plastic fox, plastic fork,plastic cake, plastic letter/alphabet,cclock,plastic telephone, plastic panda/bear,plastic lamp, plastic moon/sun/light, plastic Christmas toys, plastic Musich instrument, plastic gun,robot, plastic bucket.

Toy car moulding

Customize toys for 3-6years old kids

Plastic Mold for Training Cone

PP material of training cones molds has been made in differents colors and sizes to meet customers' requirements.

Plastic Family Mold for Beach Sand Toys Set

Plastic molding for toys, including plastic box, plastic bucket, plastic sand sifter cover and plastic shovel

plastic copier injection molding parts

High Quality Plastic Injection ABS Parts for Auto Toy with Over 25 Years Experience.

ABS Plastic Electronic Housing Mold

Plastic Component Enclosure Accessory Injection Mold. Assembly parts

Plastic Assembly Colorful Round Ball Piggy Bank Toys Mold Kids

DIY assembly mini jigsaw is a plastic 3D puzzle intellectual ball for learning education toys for children kids toys, GreenVitality Kidyson Mould, a quality tool maker in China. We are focus on making exported injection tools, plastic molding products, business ranges mainly in North American and Europe. We are the manufacturer of toys and different plastic spare parts. If you are arise your interesting, please give us a note, we can talk in further way. Welcome inquiry.

Plastic Brown LEGO Gun injection mould

The plastic mould project is used for Merlin Entertainment, using in 20 Lego Discovery Centers around the world.

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