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Green Vitality Industry Co., Ltd offers high quality plastic injection molding services to meet the injection molding needs of any customer. We are engaged in a variety of industries mold and injection molding parts for more than 25 years.

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Medical device components injection mould

Medical device box is widely used in the clamshell or case of facial machine, body skin care machine and the other medical beauty devices. GV-MOLD has qualified raw material supplier to support our service and quality. Most the shell are made by PP and ABS

Custom Medical Device Plastic Disposable Oxygen Mask

Injection respirator breathing mask is a series of our medical device products which made through molding injection machine on injection tooling. Medical syringe/injection syringe, medical stitching instrument, medical atomizing cup etc. are the products we produce.

Air Atomising Burner Steam Atomizing Plastic Medical

Air atomising burner steam plastic medical machine, rotary cup atomizer, plastic atomizing machine, atomization device, medical atomizing nozzle is our the medical serials, as a plastic injection mold factory, Green Vitality Mold are focus on precise mold making, plastic products processing manufacturer and ODM/OEM for Plastic Parts.

Plastic Medical Disposables Manufacturer

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Medical Products and Plastic Injection Mold

The other medical plastic Components we mold have pump connector, chamber cover, female luer lock, rotating connector, dialyzer connector, pump connector, pinch clamp / pobert clamp, three way injection site, recirculating hook, bloodline filter, transducer protector, insufflation filter, transducer protector, transducer protector.

Injection Moulding for Medical Devices and Assemblies

Our projects from the first draft of ideas, to the product development, mold making, production of injection-molded parts or extrusion, the automated assembly to the customization, sterilization and logistics.

Plastic components injection moulding for medical device

Close tolerances are typical with a fine, no burr finish. Green Vitality is also available to help with assembly work for receipt of more complete components.

Custom Medical Mold Mechanical Parts Injection Mold

Moulded medical components plastic injection mold design and engineering mould maker from China factory with ISO certification.

PU Plastic Prototype Part for Philip Medical System

Customized medical PU plastic prototype part with silver painting from us certified by ISO9001:2015.

Digital Electronic Thermometer Medical Products Cases Plastic Injection Mould

Mercury-Free Flexional Soft Head Digital Electronic Thermometer for baby, this is kind of the Medical product that Green Vitality molding, we can make the size and color as customer's requirements, our mold standard is from Hasco and DME. Color various per Pantone color. Size customized based on your design Finish Smooth ,Matt, Chromate plating or any other finishes required Customized LOGO embossed or debossed logo on tooling or silk printing on part Lead time About 4 weeks Quality ISO9001:2015 certificated factory in Shenzhen Guangdong

Disposable blood collection device injection mold

Professional Plastic Building Injection Mold for Plastic Disposable blood collection device mold

Hospital Disposable Plastic Kidney Emesis Basins Trays Plastic Mould

Name: Disposable Kidney Tray Material: PP Color: yellow, black, transparent, blue Feature: Biodegradable,Compostable Eco-friendly Technique: injection mold Applicable: Function: Medical Care, etc.

Disposable Teeth Cleaning Plastic Tooth Picks Toothpick

Plastic plastic adult dental flosser toothpicks is the disposable toothpick, we also manufacture the box for the toothpick, you will achieve the size, model and color toothpick and toothpick case from our factory, welcome inquiry us with your idea:

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