XCH-400YC Pharmaceutical Vaccine Refrigerator

XCH-400YC Pharmaceutical refrigerator vaccine storage fridge is used for storing medicines, reagent, vaccine etc.optional with humidity and data record system. The drug storage Refrigerator provides compressor overheat protection, Compressor overpressure protection, compressor overload protection and fan overheat protection.

Model: 250YC-1000YC

Temperature Control: Fluctuation ≤ ±2℃ , Uniformity ≤ 5.0℃;Humidity Control:35%~75%RH
Environment temperature: 10~30℃,Environment humidity: 35%~75%RH
Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ
Optional: SMS alarm and data record system

Commercial pharmacy fridge pharmaceutical vaccine refrigerator

This commercial pharmacy fridge pharmaceutical vaccine refrigerator is suitable for pharmacies, pharmaceutical factory, hospital And other industrial institutions.It is used for storing medicines, reagent, vaccine etc., optional with humidity and data record system. Simple operation and easy to use.Applicable to pharmacy, pharmaceutical factories,scientific research institutes and other industrial institutions requiring cool conditions of the sample. 

Key Features:

Refrigeration System

  • The imported brand fully enclosed compressor, long-term use, stable performance
  • Fluorine-free environmental refrigerant, Microchannel heat transfer technology, High efficiency, Greatly reduce energy consumption.
  • Germany famous brand EBM fan, Reliable performance
Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Temperature ControlFluctuation ≤ ±2℃ Uniformity ≤ 5.0℃
  • Humidity Control:35%~75%RH
  • Environment temperature: 10~30℃
  • Environment humidity: 35%~75%RH
  • Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ

Structure System
  • Adopt the latest efficient airway system, better uniformity.
  • Inner wall material is stainless steel.The out shell is plastic sprayed steel plate.
  • Polyurethane integral foam, good insulation performance, more energysaving. 

Safety System
  • Multi-protection : Compressor overheating, overpressure, overload protection and fan overheating protection.
  • Multi-Alarm: Perfect sound and light alarm system,Article reserves more safety.
  • Optional: SMS alarm and data record system

Easy to Operation:
  • Microcomputer temperature control system.
  • Whole machine optimized design,Lower noise.

Model & Parameters:

W×D×H (mm)
XCH-250YC 8 - 20℃ 250L 520×460×1050 620×690×1650 0.3KW 3 Single Door
XCH-400YC 8 - 20℃ 400L 600×700×950 760×1060×1750 0.4KW 3 Single Door
XCH-500YC 8 - 20℃ 500L 680×680×1070 840×1050×1850 0.5KW 4 Single Door
XCH-800YC 8 - 20℃ 800L 1200×490×1360 1360×850×1960 0.6KW 4 Double Door
8 - 20℃
1000L 1400×510×1400
0.7KW 4 Double Door
250YC,400YC,500YC are single door,800YC,1000YC are double door.


Safety and easy to clean

Humidity display, data recording

High precision temperature control

Competitive price

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