ADTECH 4 Axis CNC Spring Making Machine Controller ADT-CNC820B-A02

GH-CNC820 is 4~6 axes economic type CNC spring making controller, it is specialized to compression spring machine, torsion spring machine. It has 5.7 inch LCD display screen and English application software.

ADT-CNC820 4 Axis CNC Spring Making Controller


  • 15” color LCD display
  • Chinese/English display can meet all customers from different countries
  • Support 4~6 axis servo control
  • Support 8 groups of probe cylinders
  • Hand wheel debugs processing function
  • Hand wheel debugs processing function
  • Support U disk function, Convenient system update
  • Support USB and RS232 communication for connecting with computer easily.
  • Simple and visual form programming is adopted, Chinese and English display is optional;
  • Data could be entered after having moved all shafts to the destination position manually, or be edited directly for the spring programming;
  • On-line programming function, can program without stopping machine while processing;
  • Cam, wire feeding, rotation core are worked at the same time. The precision of wire feeding is ±0.01mm, the cam and wring angle axes can be accurate as ±0.1°C. Every rotation shaft has independent functions of zero returning;
  • Support wire frame tangled lines, break the alarm detection and wire frame accelerated output function;
  • Support as many as 8 groups of probes and cylinders operating, high speed probe testing ensures the accuracy of the springs;
  • Conditional transfer and absolute transfer are supported, which improve the flexibility of programming and make it easy to detect the defects;
  • Support revolving programming function;
  • The system provides several groups of system parameters for conveniently maintaining the system and changing the parameters;
  • The code verification function could prevent others from changing the system parameters without authorization. The program can save as many as 1000 files.


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