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China Top 6 Feet Steward Robot supply standard with 1 Ton above payload free-degre

From 500kg, 1Ton to 40 Ton Payload 6 feet steward Robots are available !

Gantry type welding robot with MIG/TIG ADTECH controller

Gantry Type Welding Machine can be provided a full solution for massive welding job with regular welding parts. Very easy operation on site.

Automatic production line for N95 face mask

TRLINE-N95 production line to produce products below: Face mask for hospital N95 face mask Face mask for Coronavirus Disposable medical mask

Disposable Medical Face Mask Production Line mask making machine for COVID-19

Daily capacity about 100,000 pcs Fully Automatic mask production line by 1 operator Easy HMI by English version

N95/KN95 Face Mask Machine for COVID-19

Production Speed: 40pcs/minute Machine operator: 1 person Suitable for N95/KN95 face mask suppliers in local country !

UV Sterilizer for N95 Face Mask and Disposable Mask

Purpose and characteristic: This sterilization machine can quickly kill 99% bacteria and viruses, including: influenza, hepatitis virus, e. coli, golden yellow staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis variant spore and various black mildew source body, the allergy source, to the daily life of people to provide a safe environment, especially suitable for tableware, food, cosmetics, Chinese herb, and public goods, children's toys and other items such as surface fast disinfection and deodorization in addition to taste

Face Mask Packing Machine

Technical Parameters: Model TR350PM Film width Max.350mm Bag making length 65-190 or 120-280mm Bag making width 50-160mm Product height Max.40mm Film roll diameter Max.320mm Packing speed 40-230bag / min Power specifications 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 2.8KVA Machine size (L) 4020 × (W) 720 × (H) 1320mm Machine weight 600kg

N95 Face Mask Machine

1. Application scenario: Automatic production of 4-6 layers folding masks. 2. Basic functions: A. Folding masks are produced by the whole machine in automatic assembly line. B. Automatically install the nose bridge, edge banding, forming and welding. C. Automatically printing logo, cutting ear straps, ultrasonic welding. D. Automatic folding, welding, cutting, leveling and shipping.

High speed face mask machine with full servo system

1. Aluminium alloy structure is adopted, which is beautiful and firm without rust. 2. Computer PLC programming control, high stability, low failure rate and low noise. 3. Adopt imported servo motor, stepper motor drive, high precision. 4. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste. 5. The machine adopts heavy-duty casters and cushion foot cups to move and fix, which is convenient and fast to move without shaking or hurting the floor. 6. The model is equipped with a new advanced conveyor belt, which automatically collects products with high accuracy, and only needs to be sorted and packed.

600mm width Meltblown Machine for disposable N95 face mask making

1, Conditions of use:380V/3phase/50HZ; 2, Materials used:PP meltblown special material;melt fat 1500 3, Product specifications:L=420mm, δ=0.008~0.1mm 4, Extrusion output:25~50Kg/H varies according to material,thickness and process.

N95 Face Mask Testing Equipment Meltblown Fabric test machine

Product Features 1. The cold generation aerosol generator is used to generate continuous and stable aerosol particles, and the filling of the aerosol is simple and convenient. 2. Use two sets of high-precision aerosol particle detection sensors to measure the upper and lower chambers simultaneously. 3. Configure the salt particulate aerosol generator. 4. Equipped with aerosol particulate static neutralization device. 5. Configure high-precision digital gas flow sensor to accurately measure gas flow. 6. Configure industrial-grade temperature and humidity sensors to accurately measure the ambient temperature and humidity in real time. (Test condition: 25 ± 5 ℃ 30 ±10% RH) 7. 10 inch touch screen, the operation is simple and clear. 8. Pneumatic fixture, easy to change samples. 9. Pumping and exhausting integrated silent vacuum pump, no external air source needed. 10. High-precision pressure gauge and flow regulating valve can adjust aerosol concentration. 11. Micro printer can print detection data. 12. Intelligent configuration such as leakage protection, overload protection, power-off preservation, etc., effectively protect the safety of use. 13. Special test software can be connected to the computer.

1200-1600mm width melt blown fabric machine

Feeding → Screw Extrusion → Melt Filtration → Metering Output → Die Head Extrusion → Into the Spinneret → Hot Air Traction → Net Curtaining → Electret Processing → Rewinding

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