Cosmetic lasers & IPL Optics

12/30/20 04:30 AM EST

Cosmetic lasers & IPL Optics

#Cosmetic lasers & IPL Optics

UNI Optics supply precision custom light guides and filters to IPL and cosmetic laser companies globally.

IPL Lightguides:

1. All faces, bevels and chamfers are fully polished to ensure there is no possibiblity of skin damage during the treatment process.

2. Most of IPL Lightguides are manufactured from BK7 optical glass. We also custom in lightguides with Fused Silica or sapphire on request.


IPL Filters :

1. We offer a range of IPL filters for use in medical cosmetic devices and applications:495nm,515nm,530nm,550nm,590nm,610nm ect.

2. IPL filters are selected for wavelength depending on their treatment application.

For any questions,please contact :Info@Sfyh.Com,and we will give you feedback within 6 working hours.

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