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Instant Non-dairy Creamer for Foaming

It provide fine foam on the top of beverage. There is original and salted flavor.

Organic Food Flavoring Fruit Liquid Oil Food Additives for Cakes

Various fruit flavor liquid flavoring for food applications, such as cakes, candies, drinks, beverages, ice cream etc...

32% Fat Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee

It is our featured coffee mate. Best and stable quality. Base on Coconut oil.

Sweet apple agricultural powder flavoring essence

All kinds of fruit flavor powder flavorings for food applications, such as cakes, candies, drinks, beverages, ice cream etc...

Rich and Creamy Non-dairy Creamer

It is super creamy Non-dairy creamer. It is suitable for Malaysia,Philippines Market.

Fresh Milk Food Grade Flavor & Fragrances Powder

Fresh milk powder flavor with HALAL cerfication, cost-savings in replacement of milk powder, while maintaining good milky taste.

Extra Creamy and Rich Coffee Creamer Non-dairy Creamer

It provide extra creamy and rich mouthfeel to coffee and milk tea.      

Plant Extract Vanilla Artificial Flavor Essence

Vanilla extract is a food flavor extracted from vanilla. It is commonly used in pastries to remove egg flavor or make vanilla-flavored desserts.

Non-dairy Creamer K40 for Coffee Mix

NDC K40 is used as coffee mate. It can be added into coffee, coffee mix.

Corn Flavoring Sweetener Concentrated Powder Fragrance

Nature sweet corn powder, 100% water soluble, a perfect food & beverage supplement.

K50 Non-dairy Creamer for Instant 3 in 1 Coffee

Jumbo Grand Non-dairy Creamer is milk replacer, it add milk flavor and rich mouthfeel.

Oil Soluble Corn Flavour Essence Food Additive

Agricultural Essence corn essence flavor, organic and no pollution raw materials for food additive.

Non-dairy Creamer Coffee Whitener

Jumbo Grand Coffee Non-Dairy Creamer is also called coffee whitener. It makes coffee looks whiter and offer rich mouthfeel.

Halal Vanilla Foods Flavoring Ice Cream Flavor

Agricultural vanilla essence flavor, high concentration and good smelling.

Coconut Oil Non-dairy Creamer for Coffee

This non dairy creamer is made of coconut oil. Coconut oil can provide rich mouthfeel due to its natural high saturated fatty acid.

Natural Condensed Milk Aroma Flavour for Biscuits

Srong milk aroma liquid flavor with HALAL cerfication, high concentrated with good milky taste.

Instant Soluble K35 Coffee Non Dairy Creamer

NDC for Coffee K35 is milky, creamy and silk mouthfeel.It is suitable for coffee and milk tea.

Banana Flavoring Agents Banana Oil Flavour Essence

Food grade flavor with banana fragrance, water or oil soluble, that produce less fragrance volatilization during the process of precast raw materials and disinfection.

Coffee Mate Non Dairy Creamer

Modify color of Coffee,good creamy color,Delicate,smooth and rich mouthfeel

Banana flavour manufacturer fruit fragrance for cake and candy

A unique aroma of sweet banana, fresh smell , strong aroma, fragrant lasting, high temperature resistant. It is refined by advanced science and technology.

Super Rich and Creamy Coffee Non Dairy Creamer

Super rich and creamy, extra silk mouthfeel, best mate to match any coffee

Organic Gin Flavoring Concentrated Liquid Oil Food Additives for Wine

Healthy Food Flavor, Strong Geneva(Gin) Flavor Enhancer. Little additive, good effect, long lasting aroma.

Super Creamy Coffee Creamer

Powdered super creamy non dairy creamer for hot beverage

High Quality Wholesale Banana Fragrance Oil Essence

We have highly concentrated banana fragrance oils, they have fresh aroma to keeping long lasting scent on hand and clothing.

Non Dairy Creamer for Coffee Creamer

Factory supply Non-dairy Creamer for coffee, 3in1 coffee and coffee mix

Factory Direct Green Tea Fragrance Used for Perfume Diffuser

Fresh and pleasant green tea fragrance oils are very suitable for perfume and diffuser application.

Instant Soluble Coffee Creamer 33% Fat for Coffee Mix

33% Fat non dairy creamer for coffee,3in1 coffee and coffee mix

Rosemary Fragrance Extracted From Plants for Making Shampoo

Herbal scent rosemary fragrance oils, plant extract and keep long-lasting aroma for making shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, etc.

Instant Coffee Mate Fat Content 32%-35%

32-35% Fat non dairy creamer, coffee mate for coffee, 3in1 coffee and coffee mix

Bulk Lavender Long Lasting Oil Fragrance for Liquid Detergent Products

Y&R can provide nice aroma lavender fragrance oils, highly concentrated and keep long-lasting aroma on clothing.

Coffee Non Dairy Creamer

Coconut oil non dairy creamer provide rich mouth feel to coffee and coffee mix

Original Raw Material Red Apple Essence Fragrance

Premium red apple, green apple and doubel apple fragrance oils, very suitable for making scented candles.

Powdered Non Dairy Creamer for Beverage

Powdered non dairy creamer for coffee and milk tea

Natural Chamomile Oil Fragrance for Skin Care Usage

Nice herb aroma chamomile chamomile fragrance oils, can be apply for face cream and body cream, to keep skin moisturizing and hydrating.

3 in 1 Instant Coffee Non-Dairy Creamer Of 35% Fat 2.5% Protein

35% Fat 2.5% Protein Coffee creamer base on coconut oil or palm oil

Herbal Scent Aloe Fragrance Essential Oil Aroma Flavor

Y&R manufactures all kinds of aloe fragrance oils, can be applied for liquid soap hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, and other personal care products.

Dairy Free Coffee Creamer

High Quality,Good soluble ness, Rich mouthfeel and make coffee smell outstanding

Hot Sale Lemon Aromatic Essence for Soap Making

Fresh and nice lemon fruit fragrance oils, can be applied for fancy soap, liquid soap hand sanitizer, shampoo, shower gel, and other personal care products.

Jumbo Grand Non dairy creamer for cappuccinnos

Palm oil or coconut oil base non dairy creamer for cappuccinoo

Indian Sandalwood Rose Fragrance for Incense Home Fragrance

Indian Sandalwood Rose Fragrance for Chemical Application, such as incense, reed diffuser etc...

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