Does The Phone Need To Install The Lens Protector

07/20/20 04:30 AM EDT

Does The Phone Need To Install The Lens Protector

Everyone knows the importance of the phone screen protector, which can effectively prevent the screen from being broken. But few people pay attention to the lens protector, leaving the phone lens exposed to danger.


Many people think that the lens protector is a very boring thing. Is it really worth it to install a lens protector to cover the lens of thousands of dollars? However, the more precious things are, the more easily they are destroyed. Especially for the lens, it is very possible to leave a scratch on the phone camera with a sharp object. Therefore, the lens protector is very necessary.

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Many people do not accept the lens protector, that is, after the protector is attached, the picture taken can not show the original camera's shooting effect, it will appear blurred and distorted. There are indeed many inferior mobile phone camera protector on the market. After being attached, there will be color distortion or even glare. However, if a high-alumina glass protector is added, this problem can be effectively avoided. Because of the high transparent of high-aluminum glass, it can basically show the true picture of the original picture. The color and light will only change slightly, which is almost the same as the original shooting effect.

S+ Full Glue Full Covered Lens Protector


Nowadays, advanced technology can integrate multi-layer structure, so the general lens glass protector is only about 0.2 mm, very thin and light. In addition to preventing the lens from being scratched or broken, the lens protector has a very useful function, that is, dustproof! As long as it is an electronic device, it is either afraid of water or afraid of ash. For the lens, even small particles that stick to the lens will greatly reduce the shooting effect. The lens protection can be tightly attached to the lens to prevent dust from sticking to the lens.

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However, in order to keep the lens away from dust, it is necessary to ensure that the hole is accurate. If small bubbles or white edges are appear during installation the protector, dust can easily enter through these "holes". Therefore, when you choose a lens protective, it is best to buy a protector with automatic adsorption function, so that you can avoid bubbles and white edges.

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Another advantage of the auto-adsorption feature is that it avoids obscuring the flash and ensuring that the lens operates properly. Attach the protector looks like a simple thing, but to be perfect, it's not that easy. Choosing a lens protection with auto-adsorption can save you a lot of trouble. The lens is really fragile, we have to protect the phone lens just like we protect the phone screen. If your lens is still streaking, then buy a lens film and give it a safe environment!\

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