EtherCat communication 6 axis robot 30kg payload industrial Robot

Application for assembly:
Greater flexibility, more stable performance, and lower energy consumption;
Maximum throughput with high-speed performance;
Long working time;
Fixed automation;

 6 Axis Robot Arm TR1030A-230

Robot Brief

TR series general-purpose industrial robot has a compact structure, and each joint is equipped with a high-precision reducer. The high-speed joint speed can perform flexible operations in a narrow working space, and can carry out operations such as handling, palletizing, and assembly. Installation method.
TR1030A-230 Features: Lightweight structure, effective load of 30Kg, maximum working radius of 2300mm, high precision harmonic reducer for wrist joint.

Robot Features:
Large working space
High repeat positioning accuracy
Stable performance
Run fast
Good general performance
Modular mechanical structure design

Industrial 6 Axis Robot

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