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H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd,over 26 years in HVACR manufacturer.Customized high efficient chiller / heat pump provide -50℃ to 90℃ solution to the customer.

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Flooded And Screw Type Water Cooled Chiller

“H'Stars” Flooded and Screw type water cooled chiller has higher heat transfer efficiency, and the temperature difference between the water outlet temperature and the evaporation temperature is small, and the resistance along the path is small. It is suitable for units with large circulation and good cooling effect.

Flooded And Screw Type Water Cooled Industrial Chiller

40STD series Flooded type screw water-cooled industrial chiller adopts high-efficiency twin-screw compressor, self-developed and manufactured high-efficiency Flooded type evaporator, R22, R134a refrigerant, can reach 5.5. The unit has 20 standard specifications.

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