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H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd,over 26 years in HVACR manufacturer.Customized high efficient chiller / heat pump provide -50℃ to 90℃ solution to the customer.

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Stainless Shell And Tube Flooded Type Evaporator

UAR Shell and tube auto evaporator are designed to provide its clients with the best solutions available in air-condition and refrigeration usage. The main function is to evaporate the liquid refrigerant into refrigerating steam and refrigerate the chilled water. The shell and tube part is made of high performance tubes Q235-B, #304 #316 stainless steel. of special coppers, finned externally and grooved internally.

UAR Shell and Tube Dry Type Evaporator

1) High Efficiency Dry Type Evaporator for Single; 2) Double and Triple Circuits/High Efficiency Flooded Type Evaporator for Single; 3) Double and Triple CircuitsHeat exchange range: 3TR – 900TR Flooded type/ marine

Shell and Tube Spray Evaporator

Shell and Tube Spray Evaporator Supply Range:Cooling Capacity: 80~1500RT; Refrigeration Circuit: 1, 2 circuits 'Refrigerant: R134A

Industrial Shell and Tube Flooded Type Evaporator

Standard and non-standard flooded type heat exchangers are produced according to customers requirement.

High Quality Cleaning Heat Exchanger Shell and Tube Sea Water Evaporator

This kind of sea water shell and tube heat exchanger is widely used in marine equipments but also suitable for those system which needs to process chemical or corossive liquid.

Shell and Tube Flooded Evaporator

Shell and Tube Flooded Evaporator:1) Cooling Capacity: 80~1500RT;

Titanium Evaporator Shell And Tube Stainless Heat Exchanger

Titanium shell and tube stainless evaporator is widely used in marine field as well suitable for those system which needs to process chemical or corrosive liquid. This evaporator also ensure high heat transfer efficiency.

Industrial Heat Exchanger Flooded Type Evaporator

Internal enhanced thread, ensure high heat transfer efficiency; Cooling capacity from 2.5 TR to 1,000 TR; All self-made components, strict quality & cost control, inspected by our own lab and authorized third party before delivery; 1 to 8 refrigerating circuits available, or as per special design; CE, PED and ASME certificates are optional; Stainless steel evaporator, titanium evaporator, flooded evaporator, spray type evaporator are available; OEM business is welcomed.

Industrial Falling Film Shell and Tube Evaporator

Falling film evaporators are used extensively in chemical process industry, food and paper industry. Due to the absence of static head effect caused by liquid column as in other types of evaporators, evaporation can take place at very small effective mean temperature differences.

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