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H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd,over 26 years in HVACR manufacturer.Customized high efficient chiller / heat pump provide -50℃ to 90℃ solution to the customer.

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Flooded Type Screw Low Temperature Chiller Unit

40STD series Flooded type screw low-temperature chiller adopts high-efficiency dual-screw compressor, self-developed and manufactured high-efficiency Flooded type evaporator, R22 and R134a refrigerant. Heat recovery can be configured based on customer thermal needs. The unit has 39 standard specifications.

Water-Cooled Screw Type Low Temperature Chiller Unit

“H'Stars” water-cooled screw type low-temperature chiller is designed for refrigeration, refrigeration and industrial cooling. It requires a complete range of models to meet the requirements of different cooling capacity and temperature requirements. Brand: H'Stars

Combined integrated chiller machine

The refrigeration system of indoor ice skating rink usually adopts two refrigeration methods: direct expansion and indirect cooling. Direct expansion adopts "Hstars" brand condensing unit; indirect cooling adopts "Hstars" brand screw type low-temperature chiller, Glycol is used as a refrigerant to form ice on the rink.

ultra-low temperature condensing water chiller

ultra-low temperature condensing water chiller Introduction: Water-cooled screw industrial machine is a series of products for industrial applications. There are 52 standard specifications for the unit. Brand: Hstars Cooling Capacity range: 120.3Kw ~ 1000Kw Applications: Chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial processing equipment, food processing and other industrial sites

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