Solution of online curve PCB depanelizer in computer digital industry

12/31/21 07:00 AM EST

Solution of online curve PCB depanelizer in computer digital industry

The general environmental characteristics of the computer digital industry are:


At present, in China's electronic market, the computer digital product industry mainly presents the characteristics of fast product renewal, short product life cycle and imperfect production technology. In order to win market share, various manufacturers have accelerated competition with each other, resulting in more and more manufacturers having to be tired of the impact of the payable industry.


However, in the same way, most computer digital manufacturing enterprises are facing the bottleneck of production technology, which seriously restricts the product manufacturing level of computer digital manufacturing enterprises. In some factories, there are many problems, such as substandard production process, serious waste of raw materials, low qualified rate of parts and low quality, As a result, the competition in the computer digital industry is facing an embarrassing situation. According to the above production characteristics of the electronic industry, it can be seen that there are many potential problems in the increasingly competitive computer digital industry market. Therefore, we must make a comprehensive analysis of these problems to clear the obstacles for the long-term and rapid development of the computer digital industry.




In recent years, Fusen has made continuous attempts to explore the solution to improve the production level of the computer digital industry, and finally succeeded in practice. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages of the solution:


Facing the increasingly embarrassed computer digital industry, Fusen has designed a combined application scheme of online curve PCB depanelizer machine, milling cutter PCB router and inline PCB router. The solution is undoubtedly an optimization scheme suitable for the current computer digital industry.


1. High speed spindle: the high-speed motorized spindle adopts the imported spindle motor widely used in the industry's high-end PCB router machine. The spindle has the advantages of high speed (60000rpm / min), long service life, convenient loading and unloading, smooth cutting surface and no burrs. It is also equipped with the original spindle frequency converter to make the spindle motor have longer service life, higher cutting force distance and lower temperature rise effect.


2. Vision system: high pixel color CCD and large magnification lens, which can assist program teaching and editing simulation functions. The automatic mark positioning correction system improves the cutting accuracy, prevents the wrong cutting of the substrate when the board is not in place, and makes it faster to copy the left and right programs and switch models. The function of reading bar code can be selected to read, save or upload 1D / 2D bar code, which is convenient for traceability and digital management.


3. Vehicle positioning: PCBA circuit board realizes high-precision cutting, has fool proof inspection, and the performance of the line body is stable and reliable.

Expected effect:


The scheme is a reasonable scheme for computer digital manufacturing enterprises to improve industrial service level and production technology, improve enterprise efficiency and production capacity, save a lot of production time and cost, and significantly improve segmentation quality and speed. The market competition space of enterprises has been greatly improved. Good production equipment is more convenient to recruit workers and retain technical talents. The combined application scheme of PCB board online curve dividing machine, knife dividing machine and track online dividing machine is undoubtedly an effective measure to recruit and retain people, and more and more help more users and create unique value for them.


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