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Hongwu International Group Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on manufacturing, research, development and processing of Silver Nanoparticles,Silver Nanoparticle Dispersion,Gold Nanoparticle Dispersion. Top brand and high quality, you can trust!

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Good Conductive Metal Ceramic Materials Titanium Nitride TiN Nanopowders

Titanium Nitride Nanopowders has good conductive, widely used in metal ceramic materials,refractory materials.

Heat Resistant Materials Nano Titanium Nitride TiN Powder

Nano titanium nitride powder is a good heat resistant materials.

TiN Titanium Nitride Nanoparticles Used as Nucleating Agent on Thermoplastics

Titanium nitride nanoparticles is widely used as nucleating agent on thermoplastics.

Titanium Nitride Nanopowders Used on New Energy Saving Glass Coating

TiN nanopowder dispersed in the coating system, formed of TiN thin film which used for energy-saving glass coating.

High-Temperature Lubricant Raw Materials Ti Titanium Nitride Powders

Titanium Nitride Powders with high melting point and hardness which apply to the lubricant raw materials .

Good Refractory Wear Resistant Material TiN Titanium Nitride Powders

TiN Titanium Nitride Powders with good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, optical properties,biocompatibility.

Titanium Nitride Powder / TiN Powder (TiN, 99.5%, 100-200nm, Cubic)

Buy cubic nano fine titanium nitride TIN powders, find the manufacture of Hongwu Internation Group LTD from china.

Hot Sale Conductive Titanium Nitride Nano-powder TiN Nanoparticles

The product has high purity, small particle size and large specific surface area. Its surface activity is high, UV shielding is more than 80%, and it has good barrier properties. The material has good electrical conductivity and can be used as a conductive material for electrodes and electrical contacts of molten salt electrolysis.

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