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Hongwu International Group Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on manufacturing, research, development and processing of Silver Nanoparticles,Silver Nanoparticle Dispersion,Gold Nanoparticle Dispersion. Top brand and high quality, you can trust!

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Titanium Dioxide Nano Powder TiO2 Nanoparticle Use for Battery

Nano-TiO2 has very valuable optical properties and has shown promising prospects in the automotive industry and in many fields.

Refractory Materials MgO Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles

MgO Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles widely used as refractory materials.

high quality SWCNT powders, Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube for Ferroelectric Materials used

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube with the unique electrical, mechanical properties and chemical stability performance which use to manufacturing the field emission devices etc.

high quality silicon carbide nanopowder ´╝înano sic chemical, factory price SiC nano pwders

our silicon carbide nanopowder in 50nm, 80-100nm with high quality sale all around the world.

Pt nanopartikel Platinum black nano particles price per gram

You can get competitive price for Pt nanopartikel Platinum black nano particles per gram from HW NANO.

Cesium tungsten Nanoparticles Cs0.33WO3 for Infrared absorber

Cesium tungsten Nanoparticles is a kind of inorganic nanomaterial with good near infrared absorption effect.It has strong absorption in the near infrared region.

price COOH Functionalized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, COOH MWCNTs powders

Competitive price hydrophilic COOH multi-walled carbon nanotubes with all kinds of size in 99% purity.

99.95% Battery Materials Graphite Flake Powders

Graphite Powders with the characteristic of high electrical conductivity and thermal shock resistance which as the battery materials and the refractories.

100-200nm Wear Resistant Materials Nano Silicon Nitride Powders

Nano grade silicon nitride powders, good chemical resistance, especially high-temperature strength, can improve the overall performance of the composite.

30-50nm 99% Cuprous oxide Cu2O copper i oxide

Find fine Cuprous oxide Cu2O copper i oxide nanoparticles from HW NANO factory with competitive price.

Iron Oxide Red Nano Powder Fe2O3 Ferric Oxides Nanoparticles Use for Magnetic Material

Hongwu International Group Ltd supply Fe2O3 nanopowder in 100-200nm with 99.8%purity. Also Fe3O4 nanopowder is available. Contact us for more information now!

Beta Form Grey Green Silicon Carbide whisker, high qualitry SiCw

Beta grey green silicon carbide whisker widely used in composites materials.

Manufacturer In China Metal Nano Niobium Nb Powder

Nano Niobium Nb Powder has high thermal conductivity and high strength,light grey color and high purity.

Factory price Aluminum Nitride Powder, high qualtiy aln nanopowder 99.5%

Factory price amorphous Aluminum Nitride Powder in 40nm with 99.95% purity, mini order is 100g, we also have other size of the aln powder, if you need please conact me .

Ultra fine nano powders iron 3 oxide red iron oxide

HW NANO Factory batch supply red fe2o3 iron oxide or iron 3 oxide nanopowders with good quality and price.

Hydrophilic OH Functionalized MWCNTs

Competive price OH functionalized MWCNTs in good hydrophilic

Violet Tungsten Oxide Nanopowders

Violet Tungsten Oxide is key material of manufacting super-fine Tungsten powders and Tungsten Carbide nanopowders.

Composite Ceramic Materials Used 100-200nm Nano Titanium Boride Powder

Our titanium boride powder could be available in nano size 100-200nm, 99.9% purity,widely used in composite ceramic materials.

Nanotechnology Snow white powder TiO2 titanium dioxide

Nanotechnology production Snow white powder TiO2 titanium dioxide powder from HW NANO in china.

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