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Hongwu International Group Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on manufacturing, research, development and processing of Silver Nanoparticles,Silver Nanoparticle Dispersion,Gold Nanoparticle Dispersion. Top brand and high quality, you can trust!

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Yellow WO3 Tungsten Trioxide Nanoparticles

Could supply WO3 Tungsten Trioxide nanoparticles in yellow, blue or purple.

Blue WO3 Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticles

Our tungsten trioxide nanopowders not only has blue color, but also have yellow or purple color.

Gas Sensor Material Tungsten Trioxide WO3 Nanopowders

Tungsten trioxide WO3 nanopowders is widely used for Gas sensor material.

Violet Tungsten Oxide Nanopowders

Violet Tungsten Oxide is key material of manufacting super-fine Tungsten powders and Tungsten Carbide nanopowders.

Nano WO3 Powders,50nm,99.9%, yellow

Tungsten oxide nano WO3 powder used for gas sensitivity can detect NO2, NH3 ammonia and other toxic gas.

UV Protective Window Film Used Blue Nano Tungsten Oxide Powders

Nano tungsten oxide powder has yellow or blue color, the blue one is widely used in UV protective window films.

Smart Windows Used Nano Tungsten Trioxide Yellow Powders

nano tungsten trioxide powders is yellow, 50-60nm, widely used in smart windows.

Electrochromic Material Used Nano Tungsten Oxide Powder

Yellow nano tungsten oxide powder is particle size 50nm with 99.9% purity, widely used as electrochromic materials.

Blue Tungsten Oxide nanparticles for electrochromic Glass Rearview Mirror

Tungsten Oxide nanparticles,Cesium tungsten oxide(CS0.32WO3) electrochromic materials widly used in Glass Rearview Mirror.

Nano Tungsten Trioxide WO3 Used as Ceramic Pigment

Tungsten trioxide is used for the production of tungsten metal powder or as compound and ceramic pigment.

Factory price Tungsten Trioxide / WO3 nanopowder with good electrochromic property

Classification: Tunsgen Oxide CAS No.: 1314-35-8 Other Names: Tungstenoxide, Trioxotungsten MF: WO3 EINECS No.: 215-231-4 Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade Purity: 99.9% Appearance: yellow, blue, purple powder Application: electrochromic Brand Name: HW NANO

CS0.33WO3 Cesium Tungsten Oxide Nanopowders

HW NANO manufacture and supply high quality CS0.32WO3 Cesium Tungsten Oxide Nanopowder.

Supply Yellow tungsten oxide wo3 nanopartikel

Nano tungsten oxide wo3 powder, yellow powder, could also supply blue and purple color.

50nm Tungsten Oxide Nanopowder Yellow Blue Purple

Hongwu International Group Ltd produces tungsten oxide nanopowder with 50nm size, 99.9%purity in yellow, blue and purple color. Hongwu Nano, nano materials expert since 2002.

Blue Nano Tungsten Oxide Powder 50nm WO2.9 Nanoparticle

Hongwu International Group Ltd supplys blue, yellow, purple tungsten oxide nanopowder, both in 50nm size with 99.9%purity. Cs0.33WOx nanopowder is also available.

Photodegradation Catalyst Used Nano WO3 Powder

Hongwu Nano supply Tungsten Trioxide (WO3) nanopowder in 50nm with 99.9%purity, as well as blue, purple tungsten oxide nanopowders, cesium tungsten oxide nanopowders.

Cesium tungsten Nanoparticles Cs0.33WO3 for Infrared absorber

Cesium tungsten Nanoparticles is a kind of inorganic nanomaterial with good near infrared absorption effect.It has strong absorption in the near infrared region.

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