Universal Industrial Robot 6kg 1000mm apply to many applications

Universal industrial robot is flexible for all kind of applications at the ending of factory. Such as picking and placing, polishing, drilling and spraying etc.

Product Introduction:

UIR series robot has excellent structural design and precise positioning accuracy. It has high ease of use for grinding, and loading and unloading of machine tools. It is a high-quality choice for industries such as 3C.
UIR series industrial robot with advantages of small size and light weight. The model adopts a lightweight arm design, the mechanical arm is stable and reliable, and the load can reach 6kg. The mechanical structure of the robot is compact, simple, flexible, light, with arm span, and also has high accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.05mm, stable and reliable performance, and high-speed motion joints, which greatly optimizes the operating space and enables Flexible operation in a narrow working space can yield benefits in a short time and meet flexible production. The protection level is up to IP65, which can perfectly meet the harsh production environment. This series is specially formulated for low-load process work such as grinding, handling, and assembly, and is especially suitable for process applications that require high repeatability and high accuracy.

High cost performance, low installation, operation and maintenance costs
Optimized design
Optimized shape design, beautiful shape, excellent mechanical structure and optimal setting of control device
Multi-axis linkage
Build a flexible external axis configuration system as required, support multi-axis real-time linkage technology, support hoisting and mounting, and support up to 12-axis linkage
Speed efficient
Fast tempo action to meet demanding production tempo
Precise positioning
High repeat positioning accuracy, ensuring excellent repeat accessibility
Flexible expansion
Networked control system, rich external interfaces and expansion capabilities
Technical Support
Fully open autonomously designed robot system to support various application development
Supporting applications
Support various intelligent sensing information such as vision and force perception, equipped with high-quality software package independently developed by Sunstar
spare parts
Low wear rate of parts, cheap and good spare parts, and high quality, can be replaced quickly, regular maintenance, and extended life

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