Industrial and Commercial Water-cooled Condensing

Water-cooled condensing unit is one of H.Stars flag products, widely applicable to industrial and commercial cooling systems for food processing, refrigeration and special low temperature requirements.


Cooling capacity:21500~1907500Kcal/h

Evaporating temp:-40℃ to -10℃



1. H.Stars condensing unit adopts advanced high-efficiency screw compressor, matched with high-quality condenser and microcomputer processing module;


2. Compact structure, smooth operation, perfect energy control system, low noise, safe and reliable;


3. The compressor unit provides high and low pressure, phase inversion, motor overload, anti-ice protection and other functions to protect the compressor and the refrigeration system.The pressure control and safety valve device ensure the safety of the unit.


4. The unit has passed professional operation test in the factory, with perfect functions and wide use.


Types of water-cooled condensing unit:


1. high temperature, low evaporation temperature of 10 ° c

Mainly suitable for large and medium-sized supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, refrigerated display cabinets, food preservation, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries;


2. medium temperature, evaporation temperature low - 30 ° c

Mainly suitable for food processing industry, cold drink industry, cold storage, hospital, pharmaceutical, electronic industry;


3.low temperature type: low evaporation temperature to 40 ° c

It is mainly suitable for large cold storage, transportation, hospital, pharmacy, electronic industry, etc.



Installation and maintenance

1. It can be installed in the roof of the building or other well-ventilated environment without additional cooling water system;


2. It is recommended to use multiple units in parallel during transportation, lifting and installation;


3. The unit should be kept dry and ventilated, and the surrounding air should not contain corrosive substances, so as to avoid close proximity to chimneys, generators, boilers, etc. where acid gas or heat is easily generated;


4. In order to prevent the bottom of the unit from rusting, it is better to use the cross steel frame to support the bottom of the unit during installation, so that the unit is not less than 20cm away from the ground;


5. The inlet and outlet of the cold (hot) water pipe and the front and rear nozzles of the cold (hot) water pump need to be equipped with shockproof soft joints. Gate valve thermometer, water pressure gauge, heat exchanger outlet pipe side water flow switch, water pump inlet side filter and other auxiliary devices;


6. When configuring the power cord, please select a wire with a large cross-sectional area, so that the power flow of the power cord is not less than 20%.



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