Nano Photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide, Good Photocatalytic Activity TiO2 Powder

Nano titanium dioxide, as photocatalyst,has good photocatalytic activity,particle size is <10nm with 99.9% purity,rutile.

                                  Nano Photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide, Good Photocatalytic Activity TiO2 Powder


There has many materials can be used as a photocatalyst in the world, including titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, tin oxide, zirconium oxide, cadmium sulfide and other oxide semiconductor, which because of its strong oxidizing power of titanium dioxide, chemically stable, non-toxic, becoming the world The most popular nanometer photocatalyst materials. Titania band gap of about 3.0eV, belong to the UV excitation range, so the application shall be in the UV light source, in order to have photocatalysis. Titanium dioxide photocatalyst function will also affect particle size, particle size titanium dioxide shall be within the range of 5 to 30 nanometers, it has good photocatalytic activity, the optimal particle size of about 7 nm. Use photocatalyst material after excitation by ultraviolet rays, thereby activating the water vapor molecules in the air or oxygen molecules to form hydroxyl radicals or negative oxygen ions, oxidation or reduction, in order to break down environmental pollutants can be applied to remove air or wastewater contaminants can also be applied to suppress or elimination is attached to the surface of the bacteria, to the antibacterial effect.


Nano photocatalyst in the light, not a chemical change itself, but can promote chemical reactions, which functions like photosynthesis, chlorophyll. When the absorption of sunlight or other light sources in the energy, electronic particle surface is activated, Yi from the original track, while the surface to generate positively charged holes. Escaping electrons having a strong reduction, the hole has a strong oxidation, both in the air and after water gas reaction generates active oxygen and hydroxyl radicals. Reactive oxygen species, hydroxyl radicals capable of most organic compounds, pollutants, odors, bacteria and other oxidative decomposition into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

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