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Edge cutting segment for granite

Fast cutting with long lifespan Save energy in power and stone

600mm diamond marble saw blade

ChinShine marble saw blade means fast and smooth cutting, long lifespan and stable performance, QUALITY Assurance.

80/100/140 inch diamond saw blade

The steel blade core is imported from Germany, the steel materials is 75CR1, it is one of the best quality in China. Best diamond segments are welded on blades for cutting different natural stone.

Marble segment & blade for Pakistan market

1、Marble segment/blade main for Parkistan market(For Northetn Kpk Peshawar and Mardan areas,Southern - Lahore and Karachi) 2、We make services twice yearly, so we are familiar with the market .

16 Best Marble diamond blade for limestone

ChinShine marble and limestone diamond blade is famous and popular in many middle east countries, because of its fast and smooth cutting and cheap price!

Diamond Stone Cutting Blades

Various diamond stone cutting blades from China most famous stone processing and trade area -Quanzhou, Fujian Province. 15 years experience. Hot press and cold press are available, buy the stone cutting blades from manufacturer directly.

12 inch dry diamond blade for concrete

ChinShine 12inch dry diamond blade adopts the best diamonds which have Abrasive Coating, it can cuts rebar in the concrete quickly and stable. Buy quality dry diamond blade for concrete from professional manufacturer

Multi cutting blade & segment for marble/granite

Ensure block with average thickness Save energy in power and stone

16 diamond blade for concrete

This 16 inch turbo diamond blade for concrete is one of the best choice for sharp cutting, it is popular in Australia and European countries.

1600mm Multi segment for granite

Ensure block with average thickness Low noise with smooth cutting Save energy in power and stone

14 Concrete saw blades

Best cobalt and diamond are used for this concrete saw blade, segment shapes could be change to turbo shape, and 12mm height. Buy the best concrete saw blade for sale from factory directly.Sharpness cutting, Quality Assurance!

32 inch diamond wall saw blade for cutting concrete

This 32 inch wall saw blade is welded by German Dr. Fritsch full-automatic laser welding production line featuring good performance and precise technologies. Diamond segments height of this 32 wall saw blade is 12 mm.

granite cutting diamond segment, cutting tips for granite

Fast cutting with long lifespan Save energy in power and stone

350mm Asphalt saw blade

Asphalt saw blade, broadly toothed with diagonal protection segments (alternative undercut protection segments available). Wear-resistant bonding for wet asphalt cuttings. Individual fitted for various conventional machine capacities and asphalt aggregate types on account of various bondings and diamond variations.

9 inch diamond cutting disc for granite

This 9 inch/230mm diamond cutting disc with protect teetch is special design for cutting hard stone, like rock, granite, marble, quartz, etc. The Quality has been approved in many countries.

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