Hot Sale 4-Axis Scara Robot to replace EPSON scara robot

OEM Scara Robots are designed for the factory with electric components assembling such as Samsung, Foxconn, LG and Canon etc.

Scara Robot Features:

Adapted to industrial occasions, capable of stable long-term trouble-free operation;
Capable of mass production;
The price is adapted to China's national conditions and meets the needs of corporate cost accounting;
It is suitable for simple and repeated small load handling stations in enterprises, with high efficiency and cost savings;
Adopt LBD high-performance controller, which can control the robot to realize high-speed point movement, space linear interpolation movement, space circular interpolation and other functions;
The system has strong scalability, simple parameter configuration and easy maintenance;
Robot functional components based on high-performance processing chips ensure real-time control and scheduling of the system, and realize the linkage and interpolation of multiple servo functional components;
The system interface is simple and generous, providing rich display and monitoring information;
The robot language instruction system is easy to learn and can meet most industrial needs.
Scara Robots Applications:

Metal processing industry: blanking on punch, CNC loading and unloading, workpiece grinding, deburring;
Electronic product industry: assembly, testing and handling of IC chips, spot welding, PCBA soldering, gluing, screwing, plug-in, workpiece grinding;
Automobile and motorcycle parts industry: handling, coating, spot welding;
LCD / LED and glass industry: handling of glass plates, assembly of LCM modules, handling of silicon wafers and displays;
Laser industry: spot welding, cutting;
Home appliance industry: assembly, handling and screwing of home appliances;
Research areas: student teaching, school scientific research and development.





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