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Fusen has a driven, experienced, and knowledgeable team, providing extensive array of solutions for PCB depaneling and soldering, such as V-cut PCB separator, laser PCB depaneling, PCB router, PCB punching, hot bar soldering and soldering robot, etc.

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Hand Push Type Manual PCB Separator Machine

Manual PCB separator is widely used in modern rigid PCB industry. Manual control, avoid PCB damage.

Automatic Aluminum LED V-cut PCB Depanelizer

The Automatic PCB depanelizer is suitable for both FR4 and Aluminum LED Boards depaneling.

Low Stress Guillotine Cutter Air Driven PCB Depaneler Machine

Air driven PCB depaneler uses 2 linear blades to separate with lowest stress, it allows 0.1mm components as close as scoring line-and operator will not misfeed the boards.

LED Industry Multi-blade PCB Depaneling Machine Cutting 6-10 Boards

Multi-blade PCB depaneling machine has upper 2 groups and lower 2 groups blades, cutting PCB boards to lower stress, high productivity.

Aluminum LED Tube Light PCB Cutting Machine

LED PCB Cutting Machine is available for both FR4 and Aluminum printed circuit board depaneling.

Air Driven Pneumatic PCB Separator Machine

The pneumatic PCB separator is widely used in modern V-score PCB industry, improve cutting effect to avoid component damage.

LED Multi-slicer PCB Separator Cutting 5mm Width PCB

The multi-slicer pcb separator is available for 5mm width PCB strip depaneling, separate 3-11 single boards per time.

Inline Multi Group PCB Cutting Machine For V-cut Boards

Pizza cutter design PCB cutting machine for high volume v-cut boards depaneling, it is available to connect PCB loader and PCB unloader for full automatic production.

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