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China leading complete wellhead equipment suppliers and manufacturers -TAVAL VALVES provides API 6A valves, wellhead Christmas trees,API 16C Manifolds,over 12 years experience. Accept ODM/OEM, factory price.

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Expanding Gate Valve

• Ball screw saves 2/3 operating torque force • Gate valve and non-rising stem • Tail rod of the valve could be a pressure balancer and switch indicator • Fit for large DN and high pressure

Needle Type Adjustable Choke

• Corrosion and erosion resistance,long service life • Pressure relief device • Stem seal design covers full range of temperature and pressure levels • Stem positioning design

Positive Choke

• The size of the choke bean determines the flow rate. • The sealing head and the valve body that connected by union simplifies the structure and benefits installment and disassembly. • A 1/2" NPT connector on the sealing head could be used to install plugs or to connect globe valves and pressure gauges.

Slab Gate Valve

The valve is a single slab, full-bore valve available in standard double flange, threaded-end and special connection configurations. Pressure rating from 2,000psi through 15,000psi, bore size from1-13/16'' through 7-1/16'' and valves can be fitted with a wide range of actuators.

Conventional Wellhead and Christmas Tree

• work for pressure up to 5,000psi • suitable for slightly acidic&corrosive condition • compact&reliable&cost-effective • confirm to industrial standards

Choke Manifold

• Long service life • Apply for different temperature • Suitable for acidic condition

Plug and Cage Type Adjustable Choke

• Solid tungsten carbide plug tip and inner cage for extended resistance to erosion. • Stem seal design covers full range of pressure, temperaure and fluids. • Pressure relief fitting equipped for safe & easy operation in pressure control.

Annular Blowout Preventer (BOP)

• It can seal different size of annular spaces if there's any drilling tools,tubing or casing in well. • It can fully seal the well if there's no drilling tools inside. • It can seal the annular space which between wellbore and kelly bar,coring machines,cable,steel wire rope.

Double Ram Blowout Preventor (BOP)

The TAVAL ram blowout preventers are available in single and double ram configuration. Manufactured according to API 16A, ram blowout preventers are wellhead equipments designed to close the well and prevent formation kicks that may occur when drilling and bringing in oil and gas wells.

Kill Manifold

• Well kill • Fire prevention and fire putout • High performance valve seat for reliable seal • Different valves for different service conditions

Frac Head

• Studded and flange-end types connections available • Various sizes and inlets to tie multiple frac lines into the frac tree

Hydrostatic Test Rig

• Suitable for water, corrosion and rust free • Durable and reliable sealing • All-round unmanned pressure test site

Hydraulic Choke Control Panel

• Compact, Stand alone • Hydraulic Operated system • Manual backup

Lift Check Valve

• Spring forced type seal with great seal performance • Free maintenance design • Integral type forged body • Hard alloy sealing face ensures great erosion resistance

Swing Check Valve

• Maintenance-free design • Overall demolition design of disc ensures quick maintenance • Straight-through structure • Sealing face is made of hard alloy which ensures good erosion resistance

Ball Screw Gate Valve

• Slab gate valve structure • Ball screw structure effectively reduce the operating torque • With pressure balance and switch indicator function • Suitable for large bore and high pressure application

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