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5V3A Battery Analyzer

5V3ABattery tester equipment

Wash Colour Fastness Tester AC10

Wash Colour Fastness Tester is used to determine color fastness to washing or dry cleaning of fabrics consisting of cotton, wool, silk, ramie, chemical fiber, etc.

Pen Cap Air Flow Tester GT-S06

Pen cap air flow tester mainly be used to test the safety of the caps for writing and marking instruments. Standards: ISO 11540, BS 7272-1, GB/T 24110.

Electronic Skein Strength Testing Machine GT-A04

Electronic Skein Strength Testing Machine used to measure strength of various skein.

High Temperature Dyeing Machine AC11

High Temperature Dyeing Machine is suitable for dyeing and washing fastness of high temperature samples such as knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, loose fiber and etc..

Power Bank Capacity Tester

The TOB-BTS-6V4A Power bank tester is used for power bank quality detection, it can test the power bank capacity, voltage and life cycle performance with connecting computer.

Small Part Cylinder GT-MB03

Small Part Cylinder used to determine the potential hazards of suffocate, suction, swallow, etc, which results from the toys or other articles with small parts used for the children below 3 years old.

Automatic Single Yarn & Filament Strength Tester GT-A05

Automatic Single Yarn & Filament Strength Tester is used to test the physical index of the single yarn and filament, such as the breaking strength, breaking elongation, breaking load, breaking time and tenacity elongation curve.

Precision Drying Oven AC12

Precision Drying Oven is widely used in material heating and dying testing. Also used to doing textile perspiration resistance Tester, match with AC08 Perspiration Tester to check the colorfastness of sample.

Ball Impact Tester GT-M28

Ball Impact Tester is used to test the impact resistance of all rigid toys.

Quick Fiber Oil Extractor GT-B05

Quick oil extract form all kinds of fiber and the test of oil length of a specimen.

Automatic Wascator Shrinkage Tester AC13

Automatic Wascator Shrinkage Tester is used for testing the shrinkage and relaxation after washing of various textile materials, such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber, knitwear, costume etc.

ISO 8124-1 ASTM F963 EN 71-1 Sharp Edge Tester GT-MB01

Toy Safety Testing Sharp Edge Tester Determine that metal or glass edges on toys and other articles intended for use by children under 8 years of age, and such edges exposed in normal use or as a result of reasonably forseeable damage or abuse of such toys and articles, present a potential risk of injury by laceration or avulsion

Wool Comb Stapling Sorter GT-B12-1

Wool Comb Stapling Sorter is used test the fiber length of a single wool.

5V6A Battery Tester

1 TOB-BTS-15V6A Battery tester equipment is an eight-channel battery analyzer to analyze polymer battery and cylindrical batteries from 12 mA to 6000 mA, up to 15V. 2 This battery test system provides most applications in battery testing fields such as electrode materials research, battery performance test, small-scale battery formation, capability grading, battery pack testing and etc. 3 This battery pack test system is mainly used for laptop battery pack performance testing.

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