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Open Type Industrial Explosion-proof Chiller Machine

For special industries with explosion-proof requirements, H.Stars independently designs and produces explosion-proof chiller units. Specially designed products according to different explosion-proof levels, with explosion-proof technology and certificates, explosion-proof levels can reach: Ex dIIBT4.

Air cooled screw type chiller for industry use

HStars air cooled screw type water chiller adpots Hanbell screw compressors and heat recovery optional for clients for inustry use . High quality with easy operation.

Commercial high quality electric supermarket push ice cream cart

The dual-machine dual-temperature mobile low-temperature ice cream cart can only display a variety of ice cream, and store more products in the freezer on the other side, which is convenient for replenishment.

Household Remote Control 3500M3H Evaporative Portable Room Air Cooler

ABS plastic material,more brightable,fashionable doulbe centrifugal turbine blades, strong blowing pressure with less noise

Industrial and Commercial Air-cooled Screw Chiller

Industrial and commercial air-cooled screw chiller is composed of 5:6 high-efficiency screw compressor high-quality condenser and evaporator, and equipped with brand-name electrical control components´╝îwhich can be used widely in different industries.

Custom mobile dessert vending cart

Cake cart is a mobile freezer for storing and selling finished cakes, desserts and fruit drinks.. It can be used in hotels, restaurants,Commercial streets, shopping malls and other places, you can also customize exclusive LOGO.

18000CMH Energy Saving Evaporation Air Cooler For Factory

High static pressure , long coverage distance. Metal centrifugal fan, low noise Optional temperature and humidity contral function.

High cooling capacity Scroll Air cooled Industrial Chiller

20STB series scroll air-cooled industrial chiller adopts fully hermetic scroll compressor, developed high-efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger, using R22, R407c refrigerant, energy efficiency grade up to 2 levels

Customized single row 8 trays mobile ice cream display cart freezer

Minus 22 degrees single row 8 trays ice cream display freezer mobile cart is convenient for ice cream display and sale. It can be used in hotels, restaurants,Commercial streets, shopping malls and other places, you can also customize exclusive LOGO.

Portable Industrial Factory Use 18000M3H Remote Evaporative Air Cooler

High static pressure , long coverage distance. Metal centrifugal fan, low noise Optional temperature and humidity contral function.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Scroll Air cooled Chiller

20STB series scroll air cooled chiller adopts closed scroll compressor, independently develops and manufactures high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger and coil heat exchanger, adopts R22 and R407c refrigerants

Customized small mobile all-in-one food and fruit cold storage

Cold storage is generally made of double-sided color steel plate and stainless steel, which are used to keep fresh foods such as fruits, food, seafood and so on to keep food fresh for a long time. Widely applicable to all walks of life.

New Design Window-Mounted 6000M3/H Evaporative Solar Air Cooler

Optimal cooling solution for open space XZ13-060C has 3 speeds for airflow, large airflow, up to 6000m3 / h, quickly cooling your space.

Water Cooled Low Temperature Air Conditioning Unit

The water-cooled low-temperature air conditioning unit adopts three-stage refrigeration and is unloaded step by step according to the cooling load demand of the use environment. The unit adopts a special microcomputer controller to control the low-temperature action process, and automatically operates after setting the temperature according to actual needs. The outer plate is made of stainless steel, which meets the hygiene requirements of food production.

Customized Simple and small assembled food freezing cold storage

The cold storage is divided into one type and combined type. There are fresh storage cold storage, freezer storage and low temperature cold storage, which are made according to customers' specific purposes and requirements.

20000M3/H Evaporative Wall-Mounted Industrial Air Cooler

20000M3/H Wall Industrial Air Cooler / Factory ventilation system better than solar conditioner cool air using much less energy than refrigeration.

Water-Cooled Cabinet

The cooling capacity of "H'Stars" water-cooled cabinets: 180KW--2380KW

Minus 40 degrees celsius Commercial stainless steel cart in food blast freezer

The low-temperature quick-freezer with cart can more conveniently put the food that needs to be frozen into the cabinet, reduce the outflow of cold air, and speed up the freezing time.

Industrial Poultry Use Evaporative Air Cooler Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fan, the air change efficiency can reach up to 90%-97%. So exhaust fan are widely use industry & agriculture

Air Cooled Low Temperature Ice Skating Rink Chiller Unit

The refrigeration system of indoor ice skating rink usually adopts two refrigeration methods: direct expansion and indirect cooling. Direct expansion adopts "Hstars" brand condensing unit; indirect cooling adopts "Hstars" brand screw type low-temperature chiller, Glycol is used as a refrigerant to form ice on the rink.

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