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2K Full HD Webcam

Retion 2K Full HD Webcam supports various software, including QQ, Wechat, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, etc., with a mounting hole for the bracket and a built-in noise reduction microphone.

Data Recovery File Recovery Hard Drive Recovery Hard Dish Recovery SD Card Recovery Memory Card Recovery Restore Deleted Files

Critical evidences are hidden under surveillance video. However, formatting, over written or system crash causes data losing. Recovery Master supports to recover data that was lost on surveillance video, in addition to recovery of various formats of data. Such as data from computer, cellphone. List Price: $2,000.00

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Car ECU Design Manufacturing

The operation of the modern car is composed by lots of computer modules, such as ECU (Electronic Control Units) Gateway. Due to having lots of computer modules in a vehicle, the data between each module needs to be exchanged and shared to one and another; hence, a core managing device is required to control all electronic modules within a car, the Gateway will perform and play such important role to communicate and transmit important data information among all modules. Since the transmission speed of each module in the vehicle is different, the gateway will increase or reduce its speed to transmit the data information sent by the gateway. Because of its powerful function, small size and low cost, the Gateway has become an indispensable key component for vehicles. FIC plays a significant role to provide ECU design manufacturing services for car companies, like : Great Wall, Geely, Chana, VW and so on. If you are looking for a ODM solution provider to design and produce your ECU Gateway designs, please contact us today.

Custom Plastic Tank Injection Mould

Customize PP plastic injection mold for Dual Flushing Cistern

PU pneumatic rod seal EU

Rod seals are external seals that prevent leakage from the cylinder. EU rod seal for piston rods in pneumatic cylinders combines three functions: sealing-wiping-fixing.

4K Full HD Webcam

Retion 4K Full HD Webcam, USB type, auto-focus, with 90+ degree wide viewing angle and dual microphones with noise cancellation.

Law-enforcement Digital Forensics Equipment

A portable and highly-integrated computer forensics equipment. High performance such as disk duplication rate up to 39GB/min. Customizable forensics workflows of disk duplication, analysis and OS emulation.

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ADAS Product Design

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a technology that collects environmental data inside and outside the vehicle at the first time by using various sensors installed on the vehicle, and processes static and dynamic objects identification, detection and tracking, so as to enable drivers to detect possible dangers in the fastest time, so as to attract attention, and active security technology to improve security. ADAS sensors mainly include camera, radar, laser and ultrasound, which can detect light, heat, pressure or other variables used to monitor the state of the vehicle, usually located in the front and rear bumpers, side-view mirrors, inside the driver's pole or on the windshield. Early ADAS technology mainly used passive alarm. When vehicles detected potential danger, they would alert drivers to pay attention to abnormal vehicle or road conditions. Active intervention is also common for the latest ADAS technology. Consistence of ADAS Technology: Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Basic Rear-view Camera Rear-view camera system can help drivers find objects or people behind the car, so as to backtrack and parking smoothly under the condition of ensuring safety. The advanced system deploys a 1 megapixel high dynamic range (HDR) camera, and achieves cost-effective high-speed Ethernet connection and video compression through unshielded twisted pair. Other system requirements include appropriate physical interface and power supply. Intelligent rear-view camera can analyze video content locally to realize object and pedestrian detection. In addition, they support comprehensive local image processing and graphics overlay creation. They can measure object distances and trigger braking intervention. This function can help drivers backing up safely and make it convenient for them to park in the parking space. FIC solution has the characteristics of high integration and low power consumption, and supports the development of minimal size camera module. Smart rear-view camera and simple analog camera use the same interface, providing an attractive way to upgrade. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Forward-looking Camera The camera system in the Advanced Driver Assistance System can analyze video content to provide lane departure warning (LDW), automatic lane maintenance assistance (LKA), high/low light control and traffic sign recognition (TSR). In the forward-looking black-and-white camera, the image sensor will provide the incoming video frames to the dual-core MCU equipped with DSP extension for image processing. Other system requirements include appropriate physical communication interface, power supply, optional DRAM and embedded flash memory that can reduce system cost. ADAS Sensors Advanced Auxiliary Driving System is based on different sensor technologies. 77 GHz radar sensor has been used in active cruise control system (ACC) of high-end luxury cars for many years. The sensor of the system can measure the speed of the vehicle in front and the interval between the two vehicles. At the same time, it can monitor the speed and interval of the vehicle itself. The airborne lidar sensor, which has been applied in the market of mid-class cars and economic cars, is an economical choice for remote sensors. Compared with radar, this sensor emits laser pulses and detects light reflected back from other objects. The interval between other objects can be calculated by the time of signal delay. The working frequency of the short-range radar sensor is 244Hz, which is used to monitor the objects around the vehicle. This sensor is usually installed on the side of the vehicle. Its information is used for blind spot detection (BSD) and parallel line assistance (LCA) functions. For example, when objects appear in the blind spot or vehicles in adjacent lanes enter the blind spot, the driver will be warned. Next, its information can be combined with navigation system to better achieve vehicle guidance. The 24GHz radar sensor installed in front or rear of the vehicle can be used to prevent collision. Video sensors can monitor image information, such as the size and shape of side objects. Video sensors can monitor other road users, traffic signals and signs. The information sent by the sensor can realize the function of lane departure warning and traffic number recognition. Other infrastructures such as traffic signals, turnings or hillsides can be obtained through public maps. Ultrasound sensors are used in low-speed situations, such as parking, without requiring a high detection range. And internal data can be collected and provided to other vehicles. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is used for data transmission to monitor vehicle flow density. In addition, data obtained by different sensors can be fused with each other to increase system functions or enhance existing functions. For example, the fusion of radar, camera and airborne radar with navigation data is very important to improve vehicle performance. By combining the information from the camera and the map, the recognition rate of traffic signal recognition system can be improved. The detected traffic signals are then compared with eHorizon's data. eHorizon can support ADAS by providing specific information about road infrastructure based on navigation data. Calculating confidence levels can determine which traffic signals are displayed to drivers. Fusion of these sensors can also achieve a new function, namely Sensitive Guidance, which is a navigation system integrated with radar or camera systems. The output of the navigation system is adapted to traffic conditions, radar or camera sensors, such as monitoring vehicles in blind spots or other lanes. FIC is the leading supplier of Automotive Electronic Design that enables Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), with major car maker partners including some of the world's Tops. Beyond ADAS, our technology and design capabilities have rapidly innovated to also support the products to be high stable and reliable. Our dedicated professional team is continuing our 40 year tradition of leveraging the newest technology, including DFx, traceability and High Density Assembly,.. etc to create the hardware and software needed to help our ODM/OEM partners enable success. These partners choose FIC Group due to our track-record of innovation, but also because our systems have been validated to the highest level of quality.

PP Toilet Seat Cover Injection Mold

Customize PP Injection Plastic Toilet Seat Cover Mould

Hydraulic rod PTFE SPNS step seal

Rod seals are static seals installed in glands or housings to prevent the leakage of fluid from within a cylinder to the outside as the rod cycles.

Hydraulic D2 piston polyurethane seal

Piston seals are work to seal in fluid, thus preventing the flow of fluid across the piston, allowing pressure to build up on one side of the piston.

HD USB Webcam 4K

Retion HD USB Webcam 4K, USB type, auto-focus, with 90+ degree wide viewing angle and dual microphones with noise cancellation.

Law-enforcement Digital Forensic Workstation

Enable disk duplication, imaging OS emulation, data recovery and analysis. Help investigator to duplicate large amounts of data in a short time. Bundled with forensics analysis software.

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Battery Management System

Battery management system can be used in electric vehicles, electric motorbikes, underwater vehicles and so on. In general, the battery management system should achieve the following functions: (1) Accurate Estimation of SOC: Estimate accurately the State of Charge (SOC) of the power battery pack, that is, the remaining battery power, ensure that SOC is maintained within a reasonable range, prevent from damaging to the battery itself due to overcharge or over-discharge, and display the power energy remaining in the hybrid electric vehicle battery at any time, that refers to the charging state of the energy storage battery. (2) Dynamic Monitoring: In the process of battery charging and discharging, the terminal voltage and temperature of each battery, charging and discharging current and total voltage of battery pack are collected in real time to prevent from over charging or over discharging. At the same time, it also can show the status of batteries, select the batteries with problems, maintain the reliability and efficiency of the whole battery operation, and make the realization of residual power estimation model possible. In addition, the historical files of each battery should be established to provide information for further optimization and development of new types of electricity, chargers and motors, and to provide basis for off-line analysis of system faults. The charging and discharging process of batteries usually utilize current sensors with higher accuracy and better stability for real-time detection. Generally, according to the different front-end currents of BMS, the corresponding sensor ranges are chosen to approach. Taking 400A as an example, the open-loop principle is usually adopted. JCE400-ASS current sensors which can withstand low temperature, high temperature and strong earthquake are adopted by domestic and foreign manufacturers. The characteristics of high precision and fast response time should be satisfied when selecting sensors. (3) Balance Among Batteries: The single battery is charged equally, so that all batteries in the battery pack are in a state of equilibrium and consistency. Balance technology is a key technology of battery energy management system of all. FIC, as being a design manufacturer for over 40 years, has profound capability to design and produce battery management system for your project. If you have such design request for your fly car electronic products, please send us the technical document and contact us today.

Injection Mould forToilet lid

Customize PP Plastic Smart Toilet Lid Mould

UNS UHS piston rod seal

UNS UHS is a lip-seal which can be used for both piston and rod .

Auto Focus HD Webcam 4K

Retion Auto Focus HD Webcam 4K, USB type, auto-focus, with 90+ degree wide viewing angle and dual microphones with noise cancellation.

Password recovery solution for decryption in case investigation

A password recovery solution with a combination of software and hardware. Unprotect disks and systems, decrypt files and documents. Easy to use and with the fastest numeration speed and the most extensibility.

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T-Box (OBD) Design Manufacturing

Telematics Box, also known as T-Box and OBD, is an on-board automatic diagnostic system. It is a terminal product that detects the running parameters of each system and reads data. It integrates with inspection, maintenance and management of automobiles to meet the requirements of environmental protection. The T-Box system enters the ECU (computer) of engine, gearbox, ABS and other systems to read fault codes and other related data, and utilize within the small vehicle communication system. For example, using GPS navigation system or wireless communication mode to automatically notify the vehicle's identity code, fault code and location information to manage whole equipment and platform. Applications: Individual Users: It is convenient to manage their own vehicles, facilitate the evaluation of vehicles and save costs; at the same time, it also increases the understanding of vehicle driving habits, safety operation skills, car knowledge and so on. 4S Store User: T-Box (OBD) can be installed on user vehicles to form a remote service diagnosis network. T-Box can provide detailed vehicle data, thus realizing the vehicle remote diagnosis service and improving the service quality of enterprises to customers. When the user's car breaks down, the rescue workers in 4S shop can also get the real-time located information from broken vehicles, and provide accurate on-site services. T-Box can gather over 2 thousands of vehicle diagnostic information, such as: 1. Red Codes 2. Erase Codes 3. I/M Readiness 4. Data Stream 5. Freeze Frame 6. O2 Sensor Test 7. On-Board Monitoring 8. EVAP System Test 9. Vehicle Information 10. Retrieve Generic, Manufacturer Specific Codes and Pending Codes 11. Turn Off Check Engine Light, Clear Codes and Reset Monitors 12. Read Live PCM DataStream 13. Support CAN (Controller Area Network) and all other 14. Read Pending/Permanent DTCs, and DTCs Search 15. Supports Most of the OBDII/EOBD test modes include: CAN, ISO9141, KWP2000, J1850 VPW and J1850PWM. 16. ...etc!!

Injection Mould for Toilet Plastic Shower

Customize Injection Mold for ABS Plastic Excel Shattaf Toilet Plastic Handheld Short Shattaf Sprayer Bidet Accessories

USB Document Camera 5 Mega Pixels Auto Focus

Retion USB Document Camera 5 Mega Pixels Auto Focus is able to acquire instant video of teaching, homework, writing, and experiments from any mobile terminals in video capture server. Furthermore, it can rotate up to 270 degree, and is suitable for a variety of uses. For instance, taking picture on file at 90 degree; filming the activities in the class at 180 degree; recording the teaching micro lecture at 270 degree.

Write-blocker Kit For Data Acquisition In Case Investigation

Hardware-level write-blockers to secure forensically sound and fast digital investigation on various storage media. Compatible with forensic acquisition and analysis software. Plug & play without extra power supply.

Digital Cluster Design

The virtual automobile dashboard replaces the most representative parts of the existing dashboard such as indicators and digits with a screen. Its advantage is that users can define their own instrument system to meet different requirements, which is more powerful, flexible and easier to connect with the network, peripherals and other applications. Virtual automobile dashboard benefits from more powerful graphics processing and display effect, more indicators are designed by quasi-physical method, which can effectively shorten the user's acceptance process. Multimedia entertainment information and basic vehicle information can also be displayed more logically, centralized display helps to improve driving safety, and driving sight does not need to switch frequently in multiple locations; in addition, simplicity The design can also leave more space for the ride area or storage. Although LCD technology is mature now, it is not only simple to install a LCD dashboard on a car with a display screen. In fact, this is a rather complex system engineering. After changing to LCD screen, first of all, the vehicle information presented to drivers is much richer than the traditional dashboard. The collection of these information, the cooperation of LCD dashboard and sensor, the precision adjustment of display instrument and so on, all need to be overcome one by one by the car factory. And each vehicle must undergo strict high and low temperature test before mass production; as part of the whole vehicle, the instrument panel module should also meet the same high and low temperature test standards. But because the space in the dashboard bin is relatively small, and the GPU of the LCD module, the display screen and so on will heat up in the use process. The higher the resolution of LCD screen, the higher the calorific value. Therefore, finding or developing a suitable hardware product for vehicle interior environment and matching a set of hardware environment to meet the requirements of vehicle use is also a technical difficulty to test the R&D team. FIC, as being a design manufacturer for over 40 years, has profound capability to design and produce automotive digital cluster for your needs. If you have such design request for your digital cluster, please contact us today.

Plastic Bathroom Shelf Rack Injection Mold

Customize Injection mould for PP Plastic Bathroom Shelf Rack Siut for both out door and indoor use

Hydraulic piston PTFE SPGO seal

SPGO is a low friction piston seal consisting of PTFE+Bronze seal ring and rubber o-ring used for two-way piston seal of Hydraulic cylinder, to seal in fluid, thus preventing the flow of fluid across the piston, allowing pressure to build up on one side of the piston.

Wireless Interactive Visualizer 8 Mega Pixels

Retion Wireless Interactive Visualizer 8 Mega Pixels is able to acquire instant video of teaching, homework, writing, and experiments from any mobile terminals in video capture server. Furthermore, it can rotate up to 270 degree, and is suitable for a variety of uses. For instance, taking picture on file at 90 degree; filming the activities in the class at 180 degree; recording the teaching micro lecture at 270 degree.

Quick Storage Media Data Wiping Workstation

Data-destroying devices for various storage media. It allows concurrent data destruction by 12 channels of storage media.

Smart Fleet Management

SMART FLEET FIC provides the total service solutions of Smart Fleet Management to help customers make the most of their vehicle fleet to a better management platform and improve their driver behavior under securely control and save the cost. Advantages of Smart Fleet Management - Smart Fleet and always connected

Injection molding Plastic Bathroom Shelf Rack

Customize Injection mould for two-layer PP Plastic Bathroom Shelf Rack Siut for both out door and indoor use

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